Announcing The Ministry Of Digital Conversion Guide For Sme Enterprises In Vietnam

On the morning of December 2, in the framework of Vietnam Digital Conversion Forum (Vietnam DX Summit) 2021 took place a ceremony to announce 26 guides to convert numbers to small and medium enterprises (SMEs) in 26 areas. Instructions for converting numbers (CDS) for each field include 5 basic parts: reality and development trend; Digital conversion guide framework, digital conversion solution set, recommends digital skills to train personnel, and the Ministry of Review Criteria. Thanh Lu Thanh Long, Vice Chairman VINASA, Chairman of the Expert Council Develop a complex framework for SME businesses to spoke at the announcement ceremony. (Screenshot) Current situation and development trends This gives an overall look at the status, model, type of business in each field, and more importantly, giving transmit trends Development of that industry in the coming time. Focal guidance is the most important part

. Each instruction framework is divided into 2 types: Basic solution framework and dedicated solution framework basic solution: are basic corporation solutions and services, most common platforms need to be used as part Soft financial accounting, business / marketing, human resource management, general operating management. Shenzhen are divided into 3 levels for 3 business sizes: super small, small, and medium, for businesses to have I need to see what you need in each scale. Dedicated solutions: As a solutions for industry / production and business sectors of new enterprises need to use, such as sales software for retail sector ; Hotel management software for tourism sector; Production management software for businesses with a factory
.. This solution set is divided into 3 levels, which are 3 levels of corporation for a business. Level 1: Ready. At this level, essential activities such as business / sales, manufacturing, providing services to customers all use number platform / level 2: Development. This level aims to Applications to automate productivity, such as automating sales and internal operations, deploying Mobile App for customers

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