Anti-taliban Protests Spread In Afghanistan

Today (August 19), anti-Taliban demonstration took place in many cities of Afghanistan, when the opposition of people with this force spread 92/1: 23 Southern men's love against Taliban spread . Photo: Reuterstheo Reuters news agency, a video posted on a social network, a crowd of men and women waving national flag in Kabul capital and shouting the slogan "Our flag, our identity" At the right time Afghanistan celebrates the independence day. A witness said, there is gunfire near the protest area but it seems that the Taliban gunmen only shot only. Some of the small but ended protests Suitable for thousands of people looking to get to Kabul airport to leave the country, so it emphasized the challenge that the Taliban faced in the Afghanistan governor. Photo: Reuters from capturing Kabul last weekend, Taliban could Currently the face is more peaceful with the world

. This force claims, they want to peace and will not take revenge on the old enemies, respect the rights of women in the framework of Islamic Law. In Asadabad, the capital of Eastern Kunar province, some people were killed when participate in protests. However, this unknown injury is because the Taliban force explodes or due to tramples, Mohammed Salim's witnesses
Photo: Reuters of love also broke out in the city of Jalalabad and a county in Paktia province, both on the side East Afghanistan. Thang, the Taliban warrior opened a gun at the demonstration of the flag in Jalalabad, killing 3 people, witnesses and media said. The same scene also occurs in Asadabad and Khost.Ho Linh

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