Antifan Comments Offensive Hari Won: Family Has Sorry

On November 25, Tran Thanh posted the article, said it was getting apologetic apology from the family of commenting Hari Won to be inferior to Duyen.0: 00/1: 54 South Southern countries on November 25, Tran Thanh Dang Download the article that has received an apology from the offender, cursing Hari Won - Mrs. Xa Anh. On the Fanpage, the male comedy said he accepted this apology and hopes the audience stops criticizing, Everything should end here. Tran Thanh Hope Antifan or anyone should be more cautious in his statements

. Post a notice of Tran Thanh. "As you know, a few days ago a Facebook account name NN had a comment Very negative about Hari on the page of the city. And this afternoon, this family on this nun call, please call it sorry and Hari
And we have also accepted that apology. Finish here. Looking forward to the fans of the city will not continue to make it hard for a message or comment anymore. You have such an apology is enough. Hopefully after this time you will be more cautious My statements. We will end this story here. Body! ", Tran Thanh Viet. Husband to love animals. Post sad pet cats falling dead floors. As a lover of animals, husband and wife is very happy to irritate the unexpected death of the cat's pet
Even, Hari Won also quit eating, deeply because pet cats fell from the balcony down. In the time the couple still grieved because of the pet cat lost, an Antifan let go of poor offense: "for Hari Won positive, Death is always beautiful. ". Antifan's unjustous discussion was criticized by netizens. This says this not only makes it a lot of people in netizens angry when bringing the deadly life. , Tran Thanh responded: "Parents educate you to say such a verse?", I don't understand why people can utter this statement in a situation like this. It is a woman anymore "not only that, Male also captures Facebook personally ungainly, publicity publicity, face nose." I'm really scared of this person's thinking, "he said. - According to education

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