Apolo, Pan, Pham Nguyen Confectionery Is Recognized As The Best Governance Enterprise In Vietnam

Apollo Vietnam Education and Training Organization, Pan Group, Pham Nguyen Food Processing and Candy Processing Co., Ltd is 3 names named at the Ceremony of awarding the title 'Best Governance Enterprise in Vietnam' by Deloitte held yesterday (September 13). The best governance industry in Vietnam is a program to record leading private enterprises in Vietnam, through successful assessment and achievement in the direction The operation of the organization, as well as contributing to the industry and the economy. The best governance is an international program of Deloitte highly appreciated by the private enterprise community when applying the process Verification to "health examination" quality management of enterprises in aspects: business strategy, competitiveness and innovation, corporate culture, corporate governance and finance. The process of assessing enterprises to achieve the title in Vietnam is carried out based on the experience of implementing the global program for more than 25 years, in 37 countries around the world

. Ha Thu Thanh, Chairman of the Members' Council , Deloitte Vietnam. Share at the ceremony, Ms. Ha Thu Thanh, Chairman of the Members' Council, Deloitte Vietnam said: "Vietnamese enterprises have faced a year of unprecedented volatility, with many The challenge has no precedent and is a trial of business strategy for businesses
Durability and sensitivity, flexibility are core factors that make a best governance business and businesses who achieve our title have been excellent on these aspects. We are proud to be accompanied by the first enterprises to achieve the title in Vietnam. Congratulations to excellent businesses to meet the title this year ". The enterprises eligible for participation in the program have undergone an independent and strict assessment process of managers and practices. The process includes the analysis and evaluation of business strategies and activities of enterprises according to the assessment framework applied to the 1,000 businesses are best governed in the world. Since then, business leaders will use this process to improve strategies and help develop plans to optimize resources and growth. Tong Bui Tuan Minh, leadership in charge of joint program The best governance in Vietnam, said: "We are impressed with the participation of businesses throughout the program. Enterprises participating in the program have a comprehensive assessment based on many factors, such as how they build and develop strategies and commitments of leadership with maintaining corporate culture, and How to organize and standardize operating procedures. Besides, businesses that achieve this title have some common points - it is an understanding and consistency of general purpose of businesses, adaptation to market access, and modernization Technology to enhance the more efficiency for business itself, and constantly improve the positive experiences for customers ". is 1 of 3 businesses awarded the title, Ms
Vu Dieu Trang, General Director, Nest Apollo Vietnam Education and Training Communications Share: "Apollo Vietnam is very honored to be recorded by a prestigious unit like Deloitte with a thickness of 175 years worldwide. What we get after the process of participating in the best governance program is the opportunity to expand and combine learning. Apollo is the first English center to operate in Vietnam with over 25 years of experience in the field of education, especially teaching English for small friends. Thanks to the exchanges and sharing from the Best Managed Companies program founded by Deloitte, through constructive observations on how Apollo strategic, planning, communication, has brought Apollo the views Multi-dimensional and structural structure helps us locate better to target sustainability ". Independent judge council of the program includes corporate representatives and professionals, conducting business assessment of the title Based on the top criteria of the best governance businesses. Members of this year's jury including Ms. Pham Chi Lan, Vietnam Economic Specialist; Master Phan Duc Hieu, Deputy Director of Central Institute of Economic Management (CIEM); Dr. Nguyen Thu Hien, Director of MSM Program (Maastricht School of Management), Department of Industrial Management, TP University of Polytechnic. Hcm.t. Direction

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