Appearing Evolutionary Bees To Eat Meat Rot

Scientists have discovered that a bie-proof bee in Costa Rica is called vultures, specializing in eating meat instead of pollen like other bees. These bees around the raw chicken are hanging on Tree - Photo: UCR The scientists of the University of California Riverside (UCR) hung the pieces of chicken live on the tree around Costa Rica's tropical forests to attract rare insects. The bait has succeeded in attracting vultures and scavengers. In the following day, the big bees with long legs pulled to predict. They crawl on the chicken begin to rot, use special tooths to bite the pieces of meat

. After that, they gathered the meat into small bags on the back legs or swallowed the meat into the stomach. "The normal bees have a pocket in the foot still collect pollen for their children. However, there are 3 species out of more than 20,000 bees for their larvae to eat animal-based foods, "said Jessica Maccaro, studying abusect students in UCR said
The researchers have detected the intestines This bee is more similar to the vulture gut than their pollenous relatives. They argue that vultures evolved into a carnivorous biopsy to escape the competition to take bile and fierce pollen.Doug Yanega, insects studying at the University of California, Riverside, said: "This is the type of Ong Duy The most evolutionary world to use non-plant food sources - a remarkable change in eating habits "with special diets, scientists do not know whether vultures There are other intestinal microflora than other bees or not. When comparing vultices only eating meat with bees eating both meat and flowers and only pollen, the expert team discovered major changes in intestinal microflora. Acid production bacteria like Lactobacillus. These bacteria are similar to bacteria found in vultures, spirits and other scavenous animals, helping to protect them from rotten toxins on rotting meat ", the enthusiast learns Quinn McFrederick at UCR , the head of the study said. The research team hopes to collect more bees in French Guiana, where they can find 2 of the 3 bee species that only eat fruits. They want to study what happens in fruit peels, where bees of meat storage before feeding larvae.long Hai

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