Appearing New Island On The Japanese Sea

The island has a crescent with a diameter of about 1km as a result of the underground volcanic eruption in the sea.02: 00/2: 00 namtheo The Guardian, the new island was formed in the Pacific Ocean from Minami Ioto - The island in the southernmost island of the Ogasawara Islands (Japan) - about 50km to the south. Condight weeks discovered this island on August 15 after observing the eruption of the volcano from the air. Authorities also found volcanic rocks floating on a large waters. According to the charming week, the area is undergoing violent volcanic activities with smoke and gas columns higher than 15 km higher than 15 km From the ocean

. The Japanese Meteorological Agency believes that volcanoes can continue to erupt. Therefore, the agency has broadcast the warning of smoke and ashes in neighboring seas. The new island named Niijima is essentially the top of the huge underwater volcano
When volcanic water erupts, lava creates a new shell material and forms volcanic islands when moving above the sea level. The new island is formed from ash and fragments without resistance suffer from continuous waves. However, volcanic works continuously can create lava lines to help form a harder shell. It is known that such island formation is not a rare phenomenon, especially in Japan Copy. But new islands formed this way in Japan in 1904, 1914 and 1986 were disappeared due to erosion. In 1986, a new island was discovered, but 2 months later sank into the sea. Surtsey Island in Iceland is also another example of the recent volcanic island. In 1963, this volcanic island reached the sea level and continued to develop after the eruption until 1967. Surtsey became a natural conservation area in 1965 and only scientists are allowed to set here to ensure Booking the natural ecosystem continues to survive without being affected from the outside world. The new volcanic islands formed significantly important
Many scientists think they are "the cradle of life" when the earth is covered by the earth completely by water. Hoa (T / H)

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