Appearing The New Communication Language Of The Husbands, Tricks That Are Cleverly From Here

In order to serve its own purposes, the current men winged themselves to create new languages that the wives who read it are unlikely to understand. He told him to know that his other half was ambiguous, tilted With any non-threading relationship, just check the phone of that person is clear. Because the phone is a place where there is a lot of secrets. Last time, there were many successful "gap" cases by checking the main details on your boyfriend / husband's phone. In particular, from here, people discovered a practical man with super good performance in the language creation

. Each crime is not to serve the purpose of learning, but to surpass his girlfriend / wife to "stamp" with others. The new Language of the husband makes sisters to open sight ( Source: @ Xichanh09) As recently, a wife also accidentally discovered the dialogue with 1-0-2 between her husband and his friends. Called 1-0-2 because throughout the entire message, without a letter with any word appeared, it was all just a relay between the husband and friends with
.. Icon. Discovered abnormality, wife quickly asked and her husband was "declared". It turns out to live harmless imaginary icon that the sky content. Such as: - Feet icon = Go to work? - Icon beer, ball = go to drink beer, watch the ball? Shot = to immediately ... Who knows the series of this icon can convey the contents like: "Go drink beer to watch the ball? / Wife is at home / has 4 guys with 2 sisters and then right And always .
. "Hearing the tone of the South major, perhaps the husband in the clip was still quite good, if he was determined, it was only a crime of calling his wife" lion "and playing with you. However, it is undeniable that this is still a "cryptographic" type born with the purpose not too nice, can even be applied if glorious affairs appear. Are you careful and know to take precautions! Photo: Cap screen

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