Apple Tree Blooming: After Ivory, To The Incursion With You Two, But The Ending Is ‘bitter’

Flowering apple tree episodes 59 revolves around the story she has gone for liver testing to save pearls, there is a residual fall into critical condition after he has been misunderstood about him two.02: 00/3: 14 male apple Flowering episodes 59 Medium waves focused mainly on the brothers relationship between Ngoc (Thai Hoa) and excess (Song Luan). Finally, the letter apologized that Ngoc hundred bitter thousand bitterly sent to the excess. Although the movie has not revealed the content of the letter as well as the paths in the past, it seems that every misunderstanding of the abandoned he was abandoned. The residual runs to find her cotton (NSND Lan Huong) - a long-time neighbor - to listen to all the truth about what happens in the jade family

. After that, the residue returned home, but did not dare to meet him two but only stood remotely looked at the severity of Ngoc. Finally, the dose decided to dose a thing for the guy giang Ho Tan apy, in return Is a secret request. It seems that conditions are related to the residual story to regain freedom as well as rescue Ngoc
Very so the final battle of the excess has been full of bloody. Now the residual is ordered to lead the new group of tilapia to go to the battle with another gang. During a scuffle, the surplus was stabbed a dangerous knife to the life, had to go to the emergency urgently. The hazard of loss of consciousness once was his youngest child, Chau (Thuy Ngan) was extremely panic. She almost collapsed when it was informed that the surplus was in the deck of birth and the family had to prepare the spirit for the worst case. It was once again, Chau religiously decided to replace everyone in the house The story of the residual when hiding this alarm. She also didn't forget her husband - Dr. Phong (B Tran) - that don't rush to tell Ngoc, otherwise two severe illnesses will not be able to stand it. But what Chau did not expect to be between the time of the danger, both Ngoc and Truc (Minh Trang) all had a strange unfortunate feeling .
. Now at home, she was interested) is being happy (pink Light) The rice is poured, taking care of all your heart. The reason is because earlier, she returned to claim to donate the liver for jade, even obedient to the hospital to do the test procedures. Thank her mother in her husband agreed to give the liver, happy to pick her Use of dinner dinner. I just saw my mother's face, it heard she had to criticized my daughter-in-law too awkward not to take care of anyone, Ngoc was frustrated to leave to avoid face. With Ngoc, I have no hope , the heart abandoned the children over this time to another time, even taking advantage of the children to get the money for children. Only austerity is the center of strawberries that are sandwiched, have to try to coax their mother-in-law and repent him the commune to think again. Learn about his wife that although he was about to close the death he still could not let go of his heart, Unforgettable for moms. Although it knows that his health condition is getting worse, Ngoc still does not accept her liver to live. In the meantime, Ivory (Truong The Vinh) continues to eat through beans at Mr. Phuoc's house African) neighbors and are pressed into harsh diets to lose weight - Reduce fat under the supervision of Mother Son Cotton. With a person who eats like ivory, fasting is a pole, especially for a favorite chicken dish. So even if the mouth promises it very well with Chau, ivory still sneaks to eat innocence without the membrane to save him two. Only when the jade suddenly fainted at home after the day of fighting against illnesses New feel error. This time, ivory is determined to lock themselves to practice and dieting so the soul. The blooming apple is currently broadcast on the TV channel Vie Channel - HTV2 on Monday's Monday to Wednesday.

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