‘apple Tree Blooming’ Episode 54: Hanh Instead Of The ‘handling’ Ivory Creditor

In episode 54 of the apple tree blooming, treasures and ivory still struggle psychology of donation or not to donate liver for jade. Hanh is always beside the jade, replacing him to handle the debtors of ivory to repay replacing the debt replacing me. Initially 54 is a wandering image on the road. The treasure actively asked Phuoc to the motel but both did not overnight together. Blessed home after worrying about the entire accommodation for treasure

. Learn is sick but still do not forget the residual, find every way of searching. The surplaged surplus was full of people after the juniors of the new battle of the banners. Seeing the call of the jade, the surplus turns off the phone and still finds ways to avoid it even though he knows his brother to find him
Learn about finding the surplus during the pearl's health situation is increasingly heavy, he fainted at home. Chau and husband taking into account the chemotherapy for him. Before Asia took back, happily told her to regularly call to ask Ngoc, let him support themselves because they were lipped, neglect between sickness. In other things, treasures and psychological struggle Between donation or not to donate liver to him. Both have not yet thought of selfishness due to selfishness, lack of courtesy. The python became a donation or not to donate the liver for a pearl brother became more and more sad to share with the heart of the jar. Hanh also changed her husband to "handle" ivory creditors. Ngoc was prosecuted by the police to the ward, Hanh to beg the debt forever. She was annoyed, scolding the group of crankers. Hanh said argument, presenting the illness of Ngoc and immediately cried at the police station, making the creditors not dare to strain
Calcinction of husbands "handle" the creditors of ives, causing the creditors to do not dare to strain "The apple tree blooming" is walking to the end but the knot and tragedy of the characters are still quite a lot. Some audiences are impatient, do not follow the transformer of the "blooming apple tree", for that Le Le, long line, tragic exaggeration and unrealistic with life. Others still follow film circumstances by acting from the actors conquering them. "Apple tree blooming" unique broadcast on Vieon app and Vie Channel TV channel - HTV2, Vie Trí.Minh Khue

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