‘apple Tree Blooming’ Episode 55: The Liver Donor Overturned The Last Minute, Happy To Save Her Husband

In episode of 55 films of apple trees blooming, pearls and happiness are happy because the hospital announces surgical preparation, hepatic donation, the donor family suddenly refuses to donate 9: 00/1: 50 domain Nam headed 55, Hanh wanted to withdraw money savings for her daughter's university to worry about healing her husband. That amount is not enough, happy to borrow money. Mr. Lan still hasn't soaked to be angry with his father's argument to the jade, so he always mouthed his daughter. He always wanted to save her husband to carefully care for the pearl to overcome the pearls to overcome the peace to speak with happiness because they did not dare to open the words I dedicated to a desperate husband, thinking to manually crush but Ngoc Tran An wife that he doesn't want to die, will live to take care of his wife and children

. Ngoc confided with Hanh that he was hidden, did not dare to open the liver donation because the more error did they think. Ngoc in blame he loved improperly, hurt the children. Learn that he was wrong about every aspects: being the useless husband, the fatherless father, the British accidentally
Hearing that, Hanh dropped tears because of the pearl, advising him to live for himself, don't torment themselves, don't continue to sacrifice to them. Funny also intentionally create a surprise for him. Hanh was awkwardly shot your husband's heart - what was previously unrealed before Hanh With his love, Hanh has pulled the pearls from pessimistic, negative. But tragedy is not all with both natural, tragedy is still unable to jade. While he and his wife are happy because the hospital announces surgical preparation, hepatopathy, the donor family suddenly refused to donate. While the pearl thought "Life died with a number", Hanh still did not give up on the journey to seize his husband's life. In another situation, Truc invested to know the surplus and the entire family members His family. She deliberately went to the residual bar, telling him that he was seriously ill and raised to go home. Excessions have yet to calm down the wound, and they don't want to hear the letters and have chased the structure. "The apple tree blooming" is currently broadcasting only on Vieon app and Vie Channel TV channel - HTV2, Vie trac
Excess and Truc Ninh Khue. Photo: Cutting screen

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