‘apple Tree Blooming’ Episode 57: Ivory Decided To Donate The Liver For Jade!

In episode 57 films of apple trees blooming, ivory despite being very afraid to die but still decided to secretly donate liver for his brother. Ironically, the test results show that Ivory suffered from fatty liver.0: 00/1: 38 NAM NETTING FROM THE FRULATE PROGRAM, I received the call to repel the Military Military Message so rushed to support. After worrying about the funeral for her mother, the wine was fainted, had to go to the emergency. No money worry for her husband, treasure calls to call for Luu Phuoc

. Phuoc supports the cost of charges, witnessing the treasures on the military one-step without leaving and happening to see the moment of tenderness to care about treasures, knowing that the two still embark on each other so they hurt away. Emotional with Nhaung has changed after being pearl apologizes, deciding to secure a disappointment of a disappointed liver because the liver is not suitable to donate to the jewel, so it looks for ivory and treasure to ask for two liver donation for his brother. However, ivory and treasure avoid
The insensitivity of ivory makes blessed madness, hitting a battle and not for the inside of the house. Phuoc is intended to donate the liver for the jewel but he was prevented by his mother. The nature of Phuoc for pearls caused ivory to feel embarrassed when he cowardly, for his intestines and was not equal to outsiders. He still looked for ways to save her husband that day, while Ivory was wandering, I met Ngoc. Ngoc revealed all the heart with ivory. He saw himself made mistakes in teaching me and apologizing ivory. Ngoc shared that he didn't have much time, he only wanted to be a reunion and confnate ivory to go home. The words of the jade reached the ivory heart, causing ivory even though he was afraid of death still to the Hospital to find Chau to be tested and donated to the liver immediately. Ivory also told Ngoc Know, say it was a liver donation stranger. Sorry for ivory moving, deciding liver to him in secret, the test results showed that ivory suffered fatty liver
The tragedy of the jade is pulled too long, has not seen the exit. "The apple tree blooming" is currently broadcast only on the Vieon app and Vie Channel TV channel - HTV2, Vie Trítrí.Minh Khue. Photo: Cutting screen

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