‘apple Tree Blooming’ Episode 58: She Recovered For The Liver For Jade

In episode 58 apple trees blooming flowers, she has a liver donation for boys to be pearls. Hanh and Ngoc celebrate the early wedding anniversary of Early Move of Factory.0: 00/2: 09 Nam Nuon Nieu previously set before, Chau announced ivory that ivory suffered fatty liver, unable to donate to his brother, so Ivory must be reduced weigh. On the other hand, Chau goes to find treasures to beg that the status of Ngoc cannot wait long, hoping for the liver donation or helps find a child support. However, the treasure died died to deny, ended with his brother

. Being with fat in the blood, it was impossible to donate liver to him, Chau to force ivory to lose weight to work hard to work hard to save Ngoc, become Number 1 in the heart of his brother. Meanwhile, the residual became an effective arm of Tan Ti Tijong. Also in this episode, the past about the excess again revealed
Ngoc once brought the surplus to the orphanage but then because of her injury so Ngoc was welcomed. The two two were deceived, hiding me a lot of things. for jade. Ngoc also cultivated his wings to worry, he stopped when he had not contacted the residue. After 18 years of marriage, Hanh was first afforded with flowers. With the minds of the death of death, Ngoc bought cakes, buying flowers home and wife celebrated early wedding anniversary. Ngoc said all the words wanted to speak with his wife, including the thank you and apologized for making his wife always miserable and disadvantaged. To satisfactorily get together to be together, Ngoc took his wife to take a picture with the shaping of the two spouses when the silver hair was baited. Learn and happy celebrate the wedding day early two of the same photos. It would be better to die without getting hitting in episode 58, after the neglect of the children, she went back, cursing the "eating bowl stone porridge" because she did not save and say that I will donate your liver
The decision was not accepted while happy, thanking her mother-in-law and tried to persuade Ngoc but he still didn't recover. She was crying with suffering with a long-term daughter-in-law, saying that after the mistakes, the end of his life just wanted to live safely with her children. She also thought for the health of the jade and told him to try to wait for a husband.Hanh was happy when she would want to donate the liver to the liver to treat Hanh Trying the hospital, Chau discovered Phong came to the liver donation for him Wife and have silently tested liver tests but inappropriate results. In addition, Phong also proactively met Tuan, despite it was his old love of his wife, to find a treatment for pearls. For Chau, Phong can do it all. Chau is very moving, grateful to Phong's sincere plate. "Apple trees blooming" are currently broadcasting only on Vieon apps and TV channels Vie Channel - HTV2, Vie Trí.Minh Khue

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