‘apple Tree Blooming’ Episode 59: Ngoc Does Not Accept Mother’s Liver, Balance Of Danger!

In episode 59 films of apple trees blooming flowers, she benefits (US nutrition) go to liver test to save boys but Ngoc (Thai Hoa plays) decided not to receive. Excess (Song Luan) falls into critical conditions after the misunderstood in British two.02: 00/1: 53 NAM NETWORK NETWORK ENTERSIS, HANH HANH (HANH PHONG) has taken her help to the hospital to real Currently the test procedure and procedures for all kindness, all. Ngoc was frustrated to avoid facials. In the meantime, Ivory (Truong The Vinh) continued to eat through beans at Phuoc (Hoang Phi closed) and was forced into harsh diets to lose weight, reduce fat In the blood to qualify for the liver donation for pearls

. The beneficiary will be tested for the liver for the trailers to have also begun to change the attitude after reading the letter of the jade. The residue for Mrs. Cotton (NSND Lan Huong Close) - The long-time neighbor knows everything of the jade family to confirm the suspects and problems in their hearts
After that, the residual returned home but did not dare to meet him two but only stood remotely looking at his suffering. Finally, the dose decisively daredevil causing a story to the Great Ca Tan Ach, in exchange for a secret request. Come home but only dare to look at him from Xasau immediately against disease, Ngoc fainted at home. Because I feel sorry, ivory is determined to lock yourself for training and dieting. When you are getting back and pearls share with your wife, it's time to close the death of your death, I can't let go of my heart in my heart, I can't forgive my mother. Although it knows that his health condition is very poor but the jewel still does not accept the use of her liver to live. The diet training to reduce the weight of fainting in the loss is still not forgiven the risk of risk after the match The battle at the end of the episode 59 is the battle of the residual and tons of tattles with another gang. While scuffle, excess was stabbed a knife, danger to life. Witnessing the loss of consciousness to the emergency being his brother, Dr. Chau (Thuy Ngan closed) was extremely panic
She almost collapsed when announced that the residual is in the deck of birth and the family must be mentally prepared for the worst case. Chau decided to hide him two and everyone in the stories of the residual resurrection after the match "Matching", the Chau decided to keep it secret to him two "blooming apple trees" currently broadcast only on Vieon application and TV channel Vie Channel - HTV2, Vie Trítrí.Minh Khue. Photo: Cutting screen

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