‘apple Tree Blooming’ Episode 68: Shocking Jade When Detecting A Critical Brother

Ngoc (Thai Hoa closed) was shocked when he discovered his younger brother (Song Luan) was in a critical condition on the hospital bed. Also in episode 68 film trees blooming, Chau (Thuy Ngan closed) releases conflicting with her mother-in-law (Kieu Trinh Close) .0: 00/1: 55 namthong in a hospital on-site walking Seeing the black society of Tan Ti Tiển (Duc Thinh closed) and the junius should rush to ask for a residual visit. When I arrived in a positive reinforcement, Ngoc Dang Hoang saw that surplus was in real estate. Severe shock, screaming of suffering

. Learn that the brother-in-law is Phong (B Tran Close) taken to the disease prevention in agitation, must inject tranquiles. It is clearly identified the status of excess, HANH HANH (PINK HAPPY) EXCELLENT EXCELLENT. The residual discovery is in critical conditions at a hospital for severe shocking, suffering from the situation of his brother's situation
The status of the husband and her husband showing the residual residual residue to be unconscious of the night, the jewel still suffered to remember the surplus, day and regret when preventing his brother from coming to his lover. Ngoc came to visit surplus, sorry, praying to wake up. He felt that he was very bad, she cheated and spreads the suffering to them. Happiness Don't torment to blame yourself, think about surplus and "liver donors" that try to recover and live healthy. In another situation, the hospital days after donating liver to his brother Husband came to help clean up. During my cleaning, my mother-in-law happily saw the letter that Chau left in the drawer for Phong. Both scared when Ngoc discovered this would be shocked, so treasure wanted to discharge soon to avoid trouble but not, he was eligible for institutions sooner. Liver donation and treasure for him but not yet Afraid of jewels will be shocked if they know that they are discharged from the hospital before and their mother-in-law gradually dismissal of the husband and Chisity understands more about her and gradually solved the long-term conflicts. Both chat frank together. Chau was emotionally surprised to hear the mother-in-law "handover" responsibility to take care of themselves
She also reminded a child to connect and warn the Chau should do well to be recognized. After the wind waves, the happiness finally blooms with the Chau-Phong couple. "The apple tree blooming" is walking to the end, every nodes in turn are resolved despite a long and round journey. The movie is broadcasting on the Vieon app and Vie Channel TV channel - HTV2, Vie Entertainment. Khue. Photo: Cutting screen

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