‘apple Tree Blooming’ Episode 70: Treasure – Military On The House, Ivory Asked Wedding!

In episode 70 film trees blooming, the small family of Ngoc (Thai Hoa plays) finds happiness after wind waves. While, the children of Ngoc also gradually stabilized about life, love. Treasure (Nha Phuong Play) and Quan (Van Anh Close) About the house, Ivory (Truong The Vinh Close) Falls (Oanh Kieu Close), stabilize life. Initially Episode 70, Ngoc and Military - Husband , There is a frank conversation, resolving conflicts between the two. Ngoc tells the troops of the disadvantages that the sister endures from the childhood

. Because of her alcoholic alcoholic alcohol beating his wife and children who haunted throughout his childhood should never let them fall into the same circumstances . The jewel was very difficult to forgive the troops by the old brother-in-old man who was alcoholic but eventually chose to add the opportunity. Ngoc agreed to let the troops and treasures resumed an old love, to the house to work together to fix wrongly
Vân and Ngoc have a conversation to relieve the conflict of the two sides to discharge the hospital home to the family to welcome him in the happiness. After the core and Hanh's pain was together over each other over and insisted on Ngoc Dinh Ngoc - Hanh Sum after the wind waves of treasures, Hanh (Hong Anh) intended to use the amount of excess (Song Luan) to earn to pay the charges and pay Debt for families but Ngoc does not agree. Hanh reverse her husband, bringing a draw savings but not because the enemy canceled. Finally, Chau couple (Thuy Ngan Closed) - Phong (B Tran Close) stands out to pay for pearls for pearls. Thuan Ngoc Discharge, the whole family welcomes him in happiness obtained after the event. Ivory on the farm, knowing what she asked Dad announced it would "stick" to collect and the baby. Ivory cares for a little bit of care that makes her feel shy and touched. In addition, ivory also actively transferred VND 5 million wages for sister-in-law for economic help. Chau husband helped his brother pay for money to give money to make money for sister-in-law to pay the debt of the family after discharge Going to the guy who wants to reclaim the amount of money he has reversed with his life. The residue was controlled, the guy gave back money
The secret of delivering this large amount of money to solve the number of family debt. Thaw also brought his eyes two and the words wanted to marry her as a wife. The jewel represented his house to ask his wife to ivory and promised to arrange a folding wedding. Finally, my child is worrying about the pearls who have been awake and found the happiness of their lives. It also stabilizes the "blooming apple" life that is uniquely broadcast on the Vieon app and Vie Channel TV channel - Htv2, vie trítrí.minh khue. Photo: Cutting screen

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