Apple Tree Blooming Episodes 67: Garland Is Grafted With Liver, Grammar Trees After Knowing This Secret

Episode 67 'Floral apple tree' opened a new page of 4 jewels, ivory, and treasures when Ngoc was saved. Ms. Chau - Treasure also became more close after crossing liver segmentation (southern region / 3: 00 Southern region at night before the surgery, Chau sisters - treasure together in the hospital. Chau (Thy Ngan) feels faulty and wants to compensate for the younger sister who is all the disadvantages they have endured. And the true treasure (Negadian) Interesting that after all, the house is still a place where he has two always sheltered, waiting for treasure to return

. Chau also forced his mouth to tell the treasure to listen to the treasure (My Duyen). Before the anesthesia caused Ngoc to be so shocked that he wanted to commit suicide and her foolish fool to take 700 million. Hearing it, the tiger's treasure went to find her to calculate the window
The cruel mother tricked her while living to death and still inert as if nothing had happened. Not even removed she had sold her daughter. Both she lipped the children, saying she didn't deserve to be a mother. The treasure regreted to believe her words that became a bad person, ungrateful, hate him. Finally, the treasure declared from his mother's face. OTHER OTHER, at the hospital, Mother Phong was unknowingly known that Chau would operate the liver transplant, immediately the Fighting Fighting Loi Dinh because Chau hid her. Ms. Thuy said that Chau and her brothers are taking advantage of Phong. Ms. Thuy made a loudness at the hospital, cursing scolding the whole Chau and wanted to find the jewel to tell it
Husband and Chau is extremely awkward. Being pressed by her mother-in-law, Chau promised with her mother in her husband that I would divorce, as long as my mother-in-law do not bother to Ngoc.Trong at this time, Ngoc (Thai Hoa) once again prepared psychology before entering a surgery Important magic. He told Hanh (Hong Anh) if he gets better, he will try to make money to buy a small living house with his wife and children. Ngoc wants to live a 3-person house, instead of always taking the children like before. It is extremely disappointed because he is standing before the moment of the deaths that ivory, treasures, no one visit. Hanh did not know how to explain, comfortably with her husband. Then later, Hanh quietly took the sister - treasure into the operating room. Before anesthesia, the treasure happened to listen to the doctor saying that the liver of the treasure was large enough to donate to Ngoc, but Chau a squid wanted to share because he did not want to go through the surgery alone. , Ngoc was saved, mother and son happy to drop tears. At this time, Ivory (Truong The Vinh) also hid in a corner of the corridor before the operating room listened to the news of the surgery. Hanh discovered and wanted ivory to visit Ngoc, but ivory rushed away. After the surgery, Buu Chau - Treasure recovered quite quickly. The treasure has just woken up to think of the army (Van Anh). When he came to bring the rice to the injured, blessed (Hoang Ai) to detect troops that silently brought porridge to the treasure and tried to shelter their face. Chau after waking up immediately, changing the doctor visited him two. Chau lied that he had just worked on work. The same ends of the liver segment made the Chau - treasure feel more attached and loved. When he saw the incision of Chau, the treasure cried thanked her for donating him to him two. Both sisters want to be happy and discharge to avoid being discovered by Ngoc.Rieng, after leaving the house to roam, Ivory went to a job asking and suddenly seeing again (Oanh Kieu). Episode 67 closed with the reunion full of debt of the couple of Thu - Ngon.

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