Apple Will Bring A Lot Of Breakthroughs To The Camera On Iphone 13

Camera is likely to be the most remarkable upgrade on iPhone 13, the smartphone line is expected to be released by Apple in September 9: 00/2: 03 Nouthern nationals from Bloomberg said the iPhone 13 will have at least 3 camera features New, including 2 modes for video recording. These are important upgrades, which can be used by Apple to promote equipment. First, iPhone 13 will integrate portrait video recording mode. First appeared on iPhone 7 Plus, portrait shooting mode is one of the user's favorite features. Based on the rumor of Bloomberg, the portrait feature on iPhone 13 will be applied to video recording mode, creating a font blur effect and can be customized after spinning

.Camera will be an important upgrade on the iPhone 13 line. Photo: Renders by Ian.IPhone 13 can also add high-quality video recording format named PRORES, allowing customizing more parameters after recording
Last year, Apple introduced the same format to the photo mode called Proraw. Like Proraw, Video Prores format can only appear on iPhone 13 Pro and 13 Pro MAX. The third camera feature on iPhone 13 will help users control the color and brightness of the image. Combining artificial intelligence algorithms (AI), the software on iPhone 13 will analyze every detail on the image and suggest some filters with color, the contrast for users to choose. This is considered a smarter version of the default image editing feature on iPhone. The camera upgrades, iPhone 13 series will equip A15 processor chip with higher performance than A14 Bionic. The screen on the machine will have a smaller part, the 120 Hz scanning frequency for the surfing effect, smooth switch. The scene of the iPhone 13 still includes 4 versions like the previous generation, including iPhone 13 Mini with curtain Figure 5.4 inches, iPhone 13, 13 Pro 6.1-inch screen and iPhone 13 Pro Max with a 6
7-inch screen. All four versions are given higher battery capacity, the design does not change can launch the iPhone 13 line in September. Besides the new iPhone, the apple is also developing many devices to launch At the end of the year like MacBook Pro with M1x processor chip, iPad Mini new design, Apple Watch Series 7 and Airpods headset 3.Theo Phuc Thinh / Zing

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