Apple Will Produce Apple Car Electric Cars In 2024

According to information from the Digitimes page, Apple is aims to produce a series of Apple CAR in 2024.0: 00/2: 07 namtheo a new report from the Digitimes, Apple is aims to produce a series of Apple Car cars In 2024, it was only about 2 to 3 years for the company to research and develop solutions related to the field of electric vehicles. Digitimes also said Apple is negotiating with suppliers in Asia, which includes LG Electronics and SK Group. The Apple Car project of the apple defines "Project Titan". Currently, Apple is supposed to be in the process of choosing a partner, with some potential names like Foxconn, Kia, Hyundai or Nissan

. The source from Digitimes revealed that Apple visited Toyota in Japan, but did not have any agreement between the two was said to produce the Apple Car series in 2024. It is too early to Affirmed in just a few short years, Apple can research, develop as well as seek supply partners to help the company can go into a mass production phase in 2024
Hyundai Accent 2022 leaving a page People who run for regret service, the price rises higher than before many information says Apple is studying in the field of electric vehicles over the past year. In December last year, Reuters refers to Apple Car that will probably be produced in 2024 with "breakthrough" battery technology. The price of Hyundai cars in September 2021, Tim Cook said he might not As Apple leaders in the next 10 years, we can be sure of a Cook heart that will introduce a last "One More Thing" thing before he leaves the leadership chair. This "One More Thing" is predicted to be an Apple Glass glass, or can also be this Apple Car project. Mazda car price in September 2021: Add products to be considered to be settled Export Apple Car series in 2024. This information completely coincides with previous leakage sources from Reuters. Nissan car price in September 2021: discount of 40 million dong, Bloomberg's source too Apple Car Development is still in the early stages, the fastest must 2026 new companies can introduce products to market. Thuc Anh / Justice

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