Application For Disabled People

By frowning or smiling, people with health or words can now perform operations on smartphones using the Android operating system through the new app announced by Google.Camera Switches Google's newspaper affirmed: "Let Android devices easier access to everyone, we introduce new tools, which helps control the phone easier based on facial movements. The above applicable is called the switches camera, allowing users to use their faces to interact with the phone and can connect easily with other devices via Bluetooth or USB, the image of the user is not saved store or send to Google. However, this feature consumes a lot of batteries, so Google offers recommendations to plug and charge the device when possible. Also have an Activate application

. This is an application that allows users to choose to perform tasks on the machine by smiling, frowning, opening or looking to the directions. The US Department of Control and Prevention (CDC) is estimated About 61 million adults in this country have difficulty in life due to disability. Therefore, CDC has suggested Google, with Apple and Microsoft, designing products and services for people with disabilities to easily use smartphones
Google's new app is now available on Play Store in countries like USA, Australia, England and Canada.

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