Application Of Artificial Intelligence Assesses English Level In Business

On August 17, the Cambridge University Examination Council (Cambridge Assesment English) cooperated with Cambridge University publisher to launch Linguaskill - English capacity assessment test using business intelligence for business karma, university in Vietnam.Linguaskill is easy to carry on computers. FRANCESCA WOODWARD, CEO of CAMBRIDGE college test board: Linguaskill is built by the Great English Testing Council Learn Cambridge, simplify the process of evaluating the candidate's language capacity as well as existing staff to easily plan and evaluate training. Test examination All four language skills, Including listening, speaking, reading, writing, using artificial intelligence helps evaluate accurate, fast results within 48 hours (in which the results of listening and reading are immediately returned). Exam results Designed standardized according to the European Language Language Reference Framework (CEFR) - Global Standard for Protocuance Assessment Language

. With two general Linguaskill versions and Linguaskill Trade, the test is the solution to assess the creative English capacity that educational institutions and employers are looking for, thanks to the advantages of accuracy, Adjusted many adaptation levels according to the ability of each candidate, can be easily deployed anywhere. Fast and accurate of the report allows organizations and businesses to make recruitment decisions Applying candidates with appropriate language skills, as well as supporting individuals cultivating language skills over time. Also according to the representative of the University of Cambridge, abroad, many businesses has integrated Linguaskill as a core tool in the internal training program
Some banks are cooperating with Cambridge University English Testing Council to set up internal English standards for different job levels, in which Linguaskill is applied to screen new candidates, Assess the level of capacity, as standard for internal advancement. Duc Hiep

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