Applying The Most Obvious Sunscreen Is Sticky Skin But With This Product, It Is Not Worried

Applying the most obvious sunscreen is the greasy skin but with this product, it is not worthy of this summer, the sunscreen does not end up with women with the appearance of a new product: Wax-resistant Sunny ingots. Does this rookie have any advantages and disadvantages compared to creams and sunscreen used before? Not only sunscreen, today's cosmetic world becomes extremely diverse with countless anti-products Sunshine sprays, powder forms, tablets ... Helps convenient and more effective skin protection

. Recently, the ingot sunscreen wax continues to become a new trend when appearing a lot in the photos or videos of her lovers. What is your favorite reason? Simple use, convenience of wax structure is a factor that makes most of the advantages of this sunscreen product line. Specifically, it helps the applicator steps faster and easier
There is no need to pour the product to hand and then apply it to the skin, the sunscreen to draw these stages into a single step: apply the product directly to the face. This way of use will also make the regulation of sunscreen in the day more simpler, there will be no status of products sticking to the hands or wires out of clothing. Easy to carry the daily sun protection The bridge of every girl about handyness. The compact design is in the palm that makes it easier to fit in every handbag. Wax texture also completely eliminates the risk of flowing products in bags.innisfree City Vacance Sun Stick SPF50 / PA has a relatively wide wax surface, suitable for use for facials and necks without the feeling of adhesive greasy Types of sunscreen creams, milk format, snack sun protection bring a dry feeling, not leaving the greasy feeling on the skin. You don't need to wait for the product to be absorbed and still be able to apply a multi-layer stack, save quite a bit of morning time.JM Solution Marine Luminous Pearl Sun Stick SPF 50 PA has extracted from seaweed and pearls to help sunscreen Ideally effectively. The wax absorbs fast, non-greasy sticks, do not lift the skin, especially on drift when the skin poured oil, sweat. The status of the product sticking into the eye of sunscreen can accidentally stick to the eyes Spicy burning, uncomfortable can be solved with sun protection
The special wax formula allows you to apply products to accurately the necessary skin areas, solid wax and difficulty melt to help the eye area safely protected.The Saem Eco Earth Power Clear Sun Stick contains plant extracts And natural oil and vitamin complex helps prevent environmental effects like sunshine, wind, pollution, dirt ... special thing of AHC Natural Perfection Fresh Sun Stick is the UV Alarm Feature system (UV sensor) Integrated at the ingot lid. When placing the product in the sun, the ingot lid will indicate much or less UV rays by turning green. The color is as strong as the sunshine has many UV rays.: Thanh Tuyen

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