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Member of the Party Central Committee, Secretary of the Provincial Party Committee Quang Nam - Phan Viet Cuong visits the booth to display products from Ginseng of Tay Giang district in Ho Chi Minh City in Ho Chi Minh City in Ho Chi Minh City in Ho Chi Minh City. The first cooperative grows ginseng ... Mr

. Bhriu Glanced in the Secretary of Tay Giang District Party Committee is the one born and raised right at A Xan, Zone 7 should understand this marginal area. According to Mr. glanced, the old ginseng tree rose a lot in the area of Zone 7 and only appeared in this area, most were two communes and Ga Ry
The guardians do not know what a tree is called, only for a long time to go to the forest to meet the whole trees, the leaves are cooked with sweet, healthy, soaked, if any house has a female student With chicken, eating a few times, the skin is smooth and smooth, there are many healthy breastfeeding milk ... the days of resistance to war, the 7 Tay Giang area is the supply of West Truong Son branch, officials and soldiers Back to the villages of the culture, the guards only knew ginseng is a good forest tree, so dig and put salt, change clothes to use. And also until the 1980s, the Vietnam Institute of Agricultural Science and Technology after the new study determined the ginseng in Zone 7 was a kind of ginseng with them with ginseng species named in the list of precious medicinal plants Vietnam of Professor Do Chi Minh Loi, the word is ginseng is officially named by the monk, the 7 Tay Giang area for the rare plants in this border area ... but, must be in the 2000s , Ginseng Zone 7, Tay Giang is widely known when traders who specialize in hunting and finding precious medicinal plants, but the quantity is very small. The midwife went to the forest to go to the forest if she met, how many sold to the merchant to buy it all, the wild gambling tree was at risk of exhausting .
. the first person dared to boldly bring the forest ginsle to plant The house garden is old as the village of Bling ríu in Zo Zo village. Bling stressed the resistance to the army to walk to the army, then did it to the President, party secretary of the commune to retire, noticing the indigenous ginseng tree to be a tree "poverty reduction" true for people This border area, Bling ribs to the forest to dig a series of seedlings in shifting on their homeland. The person who wants to see that job is strange, many people say: "Ni Ni do cadres that are crazy! The tree he rises wild on the forest, with a spent of peaching it to grow in his home fields, to do ...? ". But Bling Ríu knows well, climate, land area area 7 is very suitable for ginseng tree, it grows wild on the forest, it is also growing on the fields, so after nearly 3 years, Bling Ríu has more than 3 ha Ginseng at his home field. And after 4 years, every hectare of Bling's ginseng has harvested to bring "crazy cadres" hundreds of millions of dongs ... the guards in the area 7 like awakening, people, house houses invite each other to seek Ginsance on cultivation on my family's cultivation, now 12 villages in two communes and houses have gamins, many families have 5-6ha of ginseng. There are ginseng, but output , the price is still precarious because of the injury to buy prices, pressing prices. In early 2017, the support of Tay Giang District People's Committee, the agricultural cooperative was established, this is the first cooperative in this distant border area. Cooperatives are responsible for developing the raw material area of ginseng tree and purchasing ginseng products for a number of ginseng equation enterprises in the center of Tay Giang district. After nearly 3 years of establishment, so far the cooperative has 32 households participating, with more than 60ha of ginseng in two communes and Ga Ry. In the afternoon of June 2021, between the fibrations of thousands of green leaves, A Lang Lang, a young man who was not 30 years old, chairman of the cooperative, telling the story of ginsle to me. A Caulving Lang Ca is accounted for, 1 hectares of rice cultivation, each year, only about 2 tons of rice, if sold only about VND 16 million, but if growing is ginseng, 1ha for harvesting about 2 tons of fresh root ginseng, with prices On average, 200,000 VND / kg like today, will be collected at 400 million, so it is more than 20 times more than 20 times of growing rice ... Ginsion is usually leaves from spring to autumn will deciduous to focus on developing tubers , this time people can collect leaves for sale, an average of 1kg of ginseng leaves today also up to 35,000 VND, this is also a small source of revenue with people. With such ginseng resources, in the past years, the cultivation of Zone 7 has noticed that it is so enthusiastic to grow and develop the area of ginseng ginseng. The shape of ginseng intercropped corn on the fields of cultivation. Planning the area of ginseng ... Mr. Bling Mia - Secretary of Tay Giang District Party Committee said that Tay Giang has a total natural land area of more than 91 thousand hectares, in which area Forest land and forest land are over 70 thousand hectares. From the new sources of national target programs to reduce poverty and rural areas, Decision 2950 has supported and people growing their own medicinal plants for nearly 1,000ha, of which the area specializes in growing is nearly 600ha, at 3 highland communes of the district. Up to now, farmers, local agricultural cooperatives have invested in growing ginseng towards semi-intensive, concentrating to form a large material area in 2 communes

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