Arguing His Mother Married By 9-tall Girl, The Man Was Paid ‘remuneration’

English Shooting distant accept my parents to be with his wife the larger 5 years old, a mere 9 inches tall. In return, he was awarded the 'Na' lon.- He loved you all your life has promised not? - Yes! - Really not? - Really rather! - Later old brother before him, he can give me? - No ! - Really not it? - Seriously, ask nostalgic! Almond (36) kept asking Games (31), her husband so nostalgic. And each time he answered a question insisted that, like 7 years ago, the time he decided to become a life partner go side by roes chi.Tan province, a pair of wedding presents vitTren a vast parcel green fields in village Unified Cay Duong town, Phung Hiep district, Hau Giang province, he Games, Ms Hanh petite build a house

. Side of the house is the duck eggs chicken, the red silt canals, nom seems destined phu.Chi Hanh, 9 inches tall, livestock fug. Her poor husband also 5 years old, who was tall, good-looking, do masonry, carrying stones for a living
They are husband and wife have 7 years now, but Ms. Hanh, still like a dream. From then until now, her husband kept asking skeptical about why he and his wife injured her ... Games - Hanh.Hoi sister, he did masonry Games as now, in the neighbor built a house for her Hanh. Suddenly met Hanh, you hurt, then please get familiar phone numbers, flirting sometimes sentences. Hanh did not bear. She thought he'd joked her, teasing passers for fun
"You said you like this (with deformities - PV), he thus can not. Photo insisted through the game. I cry to say you should not pass. photo speak again, he loved you, he here he lived and he would worry me, new lights give off em.Em touched him too, new laughs, calling him through visits'm running away slippers too! talk so that , 5 hours, unexpectedly dimensional image through the damage is done, handbags duck eggs coated and fruit as a gift through the launch. I am afraid, not daring to meet you too! " - you remember click 'Upload 2 month courtship, they in pairs. Day her husband said to his parents to marry, Hanh felt incredible. She always thought, I like that one that hurt, was hard to find a boyfriend, here we again asked to marry. But the game is strictly tuc.Anh said he injured the injury situation, the foreknowledge to know later, Hanh vun work. "The tall pretty sure what was been together long lasting. The handicapped themselves injured people, after this illness afflicted people still beside her. Parents protest much, but I say always, if mother refused, the side also his wife and children. it a joke where life is, the decision is not changed then. ". She is only 9 inches tall, and her husband healed, strength and class size is trung.The them in pairs. Wedding, mother duck with her husband for the pair of earrings as wedding presents. Then he moved in with his wife through always, take back home to start nest. Seeing this vast land, when people thought he was "mining" endured the handicapped wife to take part in san.Nhung're not! Her mother died in Hanh was 8 years old. Three new family also. Hanh is still in place in her beans. She was injured so they lend to in, place chicken duck husbandry, sugarcane so thoi.Ngay survive birth, wife carrying husband ran around the hospital "Remuneration" His biggest game is received, it is her lovely daughter would like this year to 6 years old. The baby was tall and agile like many children khac.Hanh recounts, she was pregnant pretty easily, also not much morning. The first time a little tired, until the "belly shirt team" (see stomach) are normal. Pregnant, she is still at home duck chicken, cook husband cleanup work mia.Be Method - "patrimony" of the couple largest Hang, he Tro.Nhin lovely daughter, especially with long legs, a higher 6 years old mother, sister like that thrill when reviewing a new election, just like his fear of children with disabilities. "Go ultrasound, the doctor said:" Baby baby so identical that, daughter. "I'm sad too, to say the image:" Die then darling, I like you, why now? Or you borrow money from her, put em up Tho for preterm birth go. ". At that time, he elected than 5 thang.Anh hear then is:" Not at all slippery preterm birth, rearing also always more like you! " . Then he wanted the car, take you out of Phung Hiep ultrasound again. the doctor ultrasound say healthy baby normal, no problem. My wife and night always burn incense to pray for the baby to be born intact. when I go to the birth, very funny, too good image running around the hospital carrying out this way! ". She breeze, husband loves her, but does not say a word. Since with each other, they do not miss a night together, each is lacking somewhat restless. He can go drinking games, late night, it still had some of the injured wife hugged vo.Anh Games, worried for his wife little things like treble sister through difficult road, as the medium-range mini kitchen cooking her ... British méc: "wife I envy the data very well. say what to say, man to the street not to the eyes of women, find someone beautiful without looking at it wrong. But count me a one, two is two, I look so but where there are alluring. If other people think of silk, a few years ago I would not have married. Now, 7 years ago, where have a couple of days ... ". Knowing that, but still jealous Hanh. Her jealous husband go kill long. Jealous when traveling party, superimposed on map pretty scared strange girl looking. Jealous because he confidently travel, meet people, and more than 30 years, she only thui thui qu

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