Arrive In Italy, Romantic Dinner Between Thousands Of Lavender

In the past few years, a new form of tourism in the country is attracting a lot of tourism, which is the dinner experience on the lavender field. Location Experience romantic dinner LuzhenAnda Agricola Valtresinaro - one of the famous lavender farms in Reggio Emilia Province, Italy has taken a dinner experience on the flower field to visitors. This activity usually takes place from June to August because this is the moment the lavender blooming and the most brilliant. Super beautiful banquet tables between Purple Purple (FACE: Facebook @azienda Agricola Valtresinaro) immersed Romantic scenery (FACE: Facebook @azienda Agricola Valtresinaro) ready banquet table (Facebook @azienda agricola valtresinaro) watching sunset and enjoying dinner between lavender fields (FACE: Facebook @azienda agricola valtresinaro) Summer As a lavender season in Italy blooming (Photo: Facebook: Facebook @azienda Agricola Valtresinaro) Azienda Farm Agricola Valtresinaro will open the door to dinner a week three times and the calendar is usually placed through the Instagram account. After the appointment is complete, the notification message will be sent to visitors, including all the information needed for a romantic dinner

. Each dining table puts a small lamp. Guests can call for a few light snacks, with a wine bottle. Instagram account of Azienda Aricola Valtresinar Farm Great place to dinner7 - 10 pm is the ideal dinner at Azienda Agricola Valtresinaro
If you want to enjoy an impressive experience in the flower field, you should go to the farm at 7 pm to watch the sunset and sip the appetizer before enjoying a wonderful dinner. Dinner at a azienda lavender farm Agricola Valtresinarok Memorable Memoremia is actively recorded by visitors from Du Guongzienda Agricola Valtresinaro who received a lot of positive feedback from the tour participants to experience dinner at Lavender Field. For example, Giorgia Guilerzi - visitors have the opportunity to dinner in the flower field in July 2021 shared his feelings: "We were there last week to go picnically. Great location, very relaxing air, very kind staff and very impressive organization. Casual food, quality and wonderful wine ... Unfortunately, it only lasts two months ..
"The feeling of a traveler at a dinner at Azienda Agricola Valtresinarong Farm, don't forget to take photos together The unforgettable moments of the trip! Reggio Emilia Province - where a beautiful Azienda Agricola Valtresinaro farm is located on A1 Highway, passing through Italy's Rome capital. Reggio Emilia has no main airport, so visitors should land on the local airport for Parma (about 50km from Reggio Emilia) and moves by car or bus to the Luoya farm. Tuan Dinh (according to My Take My Heart Everywhere)

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