Art – Don’t Hurt Each Other

We are living in a very vulnerable world. Natural, Human, Social, Culture-Art ... are hurt by the ignorance and ambition of human itself

. That, put back to the question, when, the actors caused Can the other injury be controlled? How do we live together compassion, more content? Multiply the story of poetry debates taking place in the press and social network over time, we want to recall reflections on people's attitudes, behavior together, to aim to live conditions Better than a forest can be hurt by "forest eating" guys. A river is damaged by toxic water sources. A cultural space is damaged by non-human and anti-human presents
A community is hurt by those who are always insecure. A person is hurt by the "violence" from itself. "Violit" is a satisfactory concept when we talk about ways to hurt each other? A poem, a story posting newspaper; a status on the personal page; An somewhere comment ... maybe the source for a violence. Recall, in the early 2000s, when a female, young poet, appeared with poems expressing the desire to love, Thirsty love, there were many people spent on criticism. , consider it the manifestation of the damage. Many years immediately, words have turned into a weapon that caused the insider and the observers with vulnerability is something that can be perceived. The previous job has not calmed, the latter happened, filling up the casters about the behavior of the community and writing together
Recently, a poetry of an author was introduced on a reputable literature forum, suddenly became the focus, into the object for a "collective violence" on social networks. Still the quality of poetry and mind, the editor's range. However, from the art story, aesthetics, it should be the embodiment of literary beauty, life, turned into a boycott, close to the murder, sorry, removing cruelly. The most obvious expression of the damage agent in the examples is the speech, comment, the article to criticize, negative, boycott author, work, forum. Many of them are curses, deprivation to vulgar levels, lack of culture, even objections. Very few people gave the judgments and evaluates convincingly from knowledge and aesthetic capacity and trendy attitudes, covers for poetry and humans. Words like whip, like a knife, stabbing, needle, maybe have heartless people. It is worth mentioning, those criticisms, maybe can be taken up in a different way, rich in humanity, more personality. Has been the author, who is the author, who is related to The herds post and the other innocent poetry. But, thinking for the same, where only the victims directly hurt. Artistic literary lover; People with heart content, generous with people, with life; The person who embraces hope for a living environment-environment-friendly artistic environment will be injured. And just settle my heart and watch, when I hurt someone, my heart is also hurt. More importantly, after the swords, the community was hurt. The germ of negative, violence will be nourished from such behaves. What will it be, if in the eyes of each person, the other life, the other boundary is the trap, is the radio, is the French? ... same purpose to improve the quality, artistic value, but to say How to just reach the purpose, just do not hurt each other, can bring a human-level atmosphere for cultural-cultural life. Thinking, it is something that needs to be effortless, by each individual, but first of all those who are directly attending that life. Dialogue is to live, not excluded. Arts literature, but wider than culture, is a way for us to live better, not the way to destroy. Nguyen Thanh Tam

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