Art Singing Bumper Is Looking For Ways To Preserve And Develop

In recent years, the art of opera (opera) are experiencing difficulties in training and looking for actors, young artists to inherit and develop. The main reason is because of the income is not high art should not attract the young. On the other hand, art opera is also very 'picky' when recruiting listeners and artists should have real talent su.Nghe opera artist Ho Chi Minh City before the stage performances. Photo: Nguyen HoangKho attract lucCo be seen in nearly 10 years, has over 10 veteran, skilled of Theater Arts Hat boi City (HCMC) in Ho Chi Minh City has to leave the stage because the retirement

. While young people added to the team performed very meager, not to mention, the search for new factors gifted, passionate profession is not easy. Also because of lack of human resources, in most of the play, each artist, the actor was forced to take on new roles 2-3 can complete a play before the statistical chung.Theo of Theater Arts Hat boi City Ho Chi Minh City, each year, the human kept declining, though the theater still great efforts in organizing the training, search, welcoming young people joined about to inherit, but the results are not as expectation
Currently, only 7 theaters and 18 musicians, artists, actors, performers, of which, 2 artists will come to retirement in the next 2 years. Next layer has aged U50, U40. The youngest generation in the theater belongs to 9X only 4 artists. So, in the role of heavy, requiring more physical, some artistes, theater seniors currently can not assume, must exchange roles for young actors. However, some young artists have not been able to excel roles has made a name, mark as class artists go ahead. So the theater is still difficult in training, attracting young artists participated gia.Chia share information about the shortage of human resources for activities to maintain and preserve the arts opera, Vo Ho Hoang Vu, Acting Director of Theater Arts Hat boi Ho Chi Minh City said: "to preserve the art of opera, the theater held a regular program" Bringing opera closer to young people "through school theater program. From 2002 until now, theater performances connected and served in many schools in the city of Ho Chi Minh. The program also attracts young people, but in order to achieve high efficiency, it is difficult because the program just stop at the occasional performances typical 1-2 excerpts in schools, rather than become the main content of teaching in the details of their music ".According to Mr
Vu, currently, there are many children, teenagers gifted opera, some of them are descendants of opera artists, is the profession from father son, they wanted to be involved in the activities of the theater but could not. Because according to regulations, the theater is not signed labor contracts expertise, required participants active in the theater, working in the theater must have a degree, contest officials. But with those gifted and passionate about opera as they are not licensed to use can enter the theater entrance. Meanwhile, many of whom already have a degree, but did not have talent should not be employed. In particular, from 2018 to now, the theater can not organize training because only new officers used the state budget training and retraining of cadres and civil servants according to Circular No. 36/2018 / TT-BTC dated 30-3-2018 on "Guidelines for the estimation, management, use and settlement of funds for the training and retraining of cadres, public servants," Find the ways to attract people treThoi last time, to complement the new team, the theater was recruiting graduates University of Theater and Cinema (faculty of Drama Theater ethnicity - reformed) to employees as approved by the Department of Culture, Ho Chi Minh.Dao Sports Forum Le Forum, Director of Southern Art Theater, said: "to search for young talent, time ago, when I was made manager Art Theater bumper sing Ho Chi minh, the theater had planned to western provinces, search, recruiting child, brother artists opera, the factors that gifted children are participating delegations opera (seasonal), put children about theater, feeding in training, job transfer, for 5-7 years later may give the oven a potential class young actors. But want to do so, there must be a plan basically, especially the funds to focus on investing to train young people to opera, the theater should also abandon this plan ".According recorded, in Ho Chi Minh City Hall Arts only opera is not selling tickets to passengers, by whether seller nor the buyer. Because this subject is very picky listeners, not to mention, the physical facilities of the theater is also degraded. Currently, the main stage of the artist opera Ho Chi Minh City is theater in the theater Metropolitan, District 5, but long ago, this place was not able to organize performances for too degraded, leaving no room to send safety for spectators. No stable venues, theaters must maintain service performed in temples and mausoleum, theater l

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