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Truong Ngoc Anh mobilized the great family, Miss Xiao Vy, Runner-up Kieu Loan ... cooking diets 0 Dong sent to the quarantine, blockade. 7/27, in a apartment in Ngo Gia street Self, District 10, Huu Quoc - Representative of the Loving Kitchen - Continuously charity for volunteers promoting progress to 1

.100 meals for people in blockade areas. Perennial gout, he went to practice, sore toes, swelling because of constantly moving. After each piece of chicken warehouse, the hot soup bag was packed, preparing the substance on the car, he was relieved to be relieved, considered completing the "target" of the day
The kitchen of the Chinese artist prepared the Feed for the poor. Photo: Vu Tran.Costouria to initiate a cooking program that supports blocked people since early July. At that time, there are a small restaurant, I think: "Why don't you take this opportunity to process more Poor dearness? ". Saying is to do, he immediately called on young actors in the theater stage 5B Vo Van Tan Nhu Vu Tran, Vo Ngoc Tan, Vo Ngoc Tien, Khanh Dang, Quynh Anh ... Joining hands. And the funding is limited, the British group only cooks 500 yields, playing on Sunday afternoon every week. When the spikes responded stunning, he boldly increased to thousands of rates a day
Processing nearly 200 kg of meat, 100 kg of vegetables, England divided the process of organizing the kitchen to become many stages of the chain. Two chefers in charge of cooking, young artists together remove the box, packing and doing shipper shipping to scheduled locations. In addition to labor hamlets in District 4, District 8, District 10 ... is quarantined, the British group also sent a team of health workers and soldiers at blockade closes. Several kilometers, 0 copper kitchens of the Cool Suoi Tam group - with the participation of Miss Miss Vy, Runner-up Kieu Loan, Phuong Anh ... - Normal "Red Fire". Every day, they cooked rice to send a translation head in hospitals, crew, traceability team ... in early July, they plan to only cook 1,000 rates, each rice box worth 50,000-60,000 VND . Up to now, the number has reached 3,500 parts because many registrants apply for more. A feeding rate of 0 copper is prepared by the "Spring Mind" group. Photo: An An Ho.Hoa Mau Vy said participating in standing kitchen for non-online schools. From the early morning, she came to volunteers, preparing raw materials and staying to dark to clean, general cleaning. Ngoc Thao runner-up brings parents and sisters to the kitchen every day. In each serving, they prepared small letters sent enthusiasts, wishing the team against delicious epidemics, staying healthy. Ms. Pham Kim Dung - Representative of the group - said, despite increasing the serving, the kitchen still holds the personnel about 40-50 people, not recruiting more to ensure the security of the translation. The team of the kitchen is mostly vaccinated with the first time, the three-day is concentrated in the test. In the Penthouse apartment in District 2, actor Truong Ngoc Anh shows off the smoke-sized pot that has been prepared for lunch Of nurses, soldiers, volunteers in pale hospitals. She plans to prepare lunch boxes that see the image of doctors from many localities to break up with the family, into Ho Chi Minh City to help prevent epidemics. Talking to the mother, aunt, who helps to make a "family kitchen", preparing about 300 rates, the menu changes diverse every day. The group of artists overcasts difficult to reach the people of the people day. Kim Dung said the biggest pressure is to ensure food sources in large quantities, fresh, delivered on time. Every day, they ordered from three, four different suppliers are several hundred kilograms. From July 9, Ho Chi Minh City stretched how to follow the 16th direction, the group struggled to take care of the paper because all the way to the kitchen was blocked, transporting raw materials. Recently, they lowered their pressure when the units actively came to receive rice at 11pm per day. Limited, the group of Chinese artists must also run motorbikes to make shipper in the early days. Young actors do not know the roads in the labor zones, many days when it is dark. Later, a transportation or activity unit of the group, please volunteer for free shipping. However, the largest obsession with Huu Quoc is the phens of "bombs". Artists said, once, a younger done asked for a 20-year-old registration for the health team of the ward, the British group took care of more rations. At the time of appointment, he contacted this person sorry, said the medical group was no longer there. Looking at the surplus, he was sorry because the rates could not reach the people. With actors in the group, their income three months passed by 0 because the stage closed. Director Vu Tran said he stripped his belt to live with money to spend. Many of his juniors like actors Vo Ngoc Tien, Khanh Dang ... must stay in the inn to save living fees. Even difficult, sometimes sadly, the volunteer group said that just witnessing the smile, the tears of the people in the remnants are the spirit of a spirit. "Looking at many older insuffics, stammering Thanks for receiving 0 copper rice, we see their suffering nothing and effort

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