Artist Kiln Bricks

Since the southern reforms, the number of poor artists all year-round with a singer from this life to another bewildered life doesn't know where to go anywhere, because many people have not yet obtained the back paper What's in ID card or household APPLICATIONS.02: 00/4: 34 HAPPY WITH THE SUPPLY SUPPLY SUPPLY. An agreement on the night salary quickly agreed at a certain cafe right away. Some gourds are very good, the price of the salaries of dual peaches is close to far away. But after the 1990s, the state delegation, the private group slowly slowly falling like autumn leaves so it is no longer to go away

. Arriving at a housing accommodation, despite hiring or monthly, there must be papers, but most of the artists in small stones are less promoted, the word is full of leaves, so when they are still in love, they don't care about There are identification papers. So although it is a sound of a artist but the precarious life of hyacinth drifting at the berth is not long, the life of it to promote when it comes to a large country. Son to make princess princess or makes the king for hundreds of them, the role of each night eating deep into the flesh
Poor artists invite each other to first apply for multi-troops to singers, but singing when they sing every time they have the opportunity to worship periodically, but don't sing regularly like a reform. School port to sell toys for children, sell sweets, semi-color for children to color and expect ancient lings ... in the group of 3 centers of My Thoi ward TPLX has a brick kiln of sister year Ha (side After My Thoi Park), the vast land brick kiln has long been no longer bricks. Commercial families of artists with difficult life without accommodation floating everywhere. Tens of years ago, she had been available and did not lease but to sell long-term installments until the money of her home will always make papers for buyers. R is a music music that is here said: - This house is 4 meters long, 11 meters long sister sold to me for 80 million. I gathered money before 15 million, each month contributing a million and a half years, more than three years I owned the house. What's a million rather than a million houses that are still one's house
More contributed then having house papers. Because of the five brick kilns, it was true that the good person who knew poor people, also the house many people paid higher than she decided not to sell for the reason they were not poor artists. Which households are too poor that are unlikely or needs to buy their home for the year thanks to the brick kiln without collecting any money outside of electricity and water, only the family only have a family of artists in the country to buy a house, from From artists living in other places to buy a house to safely get into the industry. So far, the artist in the brick kiln was 18 households and about 100 people. Dao (just moved) She was also a one-time voice of the new Old Board of Water in Saigon.- Kim Huong gourded the multiples of the same name. Although it is a small delegation, the decades still maintains their signs. Kim Huong has a daughter who is Kim Hang on the bright, good dance, ca Tan ancients or often when going to Saigon to strengthen singing with seniors. Kim Huong's brother is an election of Hiep in Lap Lóng also vote for Dong Thap region.- Bach Long couple - Kim Giac Thanh is a paint. Bach Long has just been a pregnancy and singing in dual singing, his singing and singing also selects the conductivity of Zhou, the skill on stage like HK films should sing that win. Going) Although it is the youngest daughter, the word is not familiar, but she just made a gourd to sign the contract, although not equal to other pregnant women, but there is a good enough contract. The artist of this brick kiln is the 80-year-old is the musician music, when he lacks his uncle to jump on the stage to play the king and dual-dual men. This year, the disease outbreaks the artist's neighbor does not sing All households are lacking and borrowed from lum. There are many shows in the neighborhood even though it is cleared or contemporary to offer a career. So the day of the 12th anniversary of the artist, the artist brother converged to the village of the brick kiln together for the appeal. Finished a danger because in the village full: Double peaches of the Public Chief, the New Music Music ... Five and the families did not organize singing singers, many musicians dance according to the ceremony band of the camps. Many pairs of dual peaches also eat the excerpts in the ghosts. This year the situation is too tight, on the road must have paper, evening, the curfew, the whole village is located, but it is in a battle. Calling for relief just a voice, the account has a few billion already, and who is arbitrarily relief and if you got money and forget the relief has not been accessed? Suddenly injured for poor artists sealed

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