Artist Nguyen Tan Luc Died At The Age Of 31

Nguyen Tan Luc lost in the hospital on September 13. He died after a short time of treatment of Covid-19.0: 00/1: 34Nam Southern region changed with Zing, Mr. Pham Nhat Dang - Nguyen Tan Luc's cousin said that male artists died at 16:00 on September 13 at the disease Base Cancer Institute 2 (Ho Chi Minh City). He left after a short time of treatment of Covid-19

. "Currently, I'm the only relative of force in Ho Chi Minh City. I am taking care of cremation procedures. My parents lost early, when she was new 10 years old
I have a brother but are also going to be quarantined in Binh Duong, "Mr. Nhat posted shares. The director of Nguyen Tan Luc died at the age of 31.Theo Nhat Dang, Nguyen Tan Luc made Covid-19 in mid-May 8. He hospitalized the treatment at the Panic Hospital in Ho Chi Minh City. Male disease of male director should be transferred to the basic Cancer Hospital 2. "The force lost suddenly after a short period of treatment. I am very lovingly - you are gentle, funny and enthusiastic for every every People. Looking for me, "Japan posted. Kieu Trinh actor said she finally met him was in early 2021
"I mistakenly heard the force died. I thought I would overcome Covid-19 and return to my family. Solid ", actress said. Lam Ngoc Thanh painful when Nguyen Tan Luc left when there were many unfinished plans. "When I knew I was hospitalized, I and my colleagues often asked the situation. We hope you can pass but pain too", director Lam Ngoc Thanh shared. Nguyen Tan Luc, born in 1990, hometown Bac Lieu. He used to be an actor, joining some dramas, short films. He attended the K5 class, the film director of the Theater University - Ho Chi Minh City and was the director of the Sister Detective Sisters. Inner peace

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