Artist Stephen Sondheim Has Just Died At The Age Of 91

Stephen Sondheim, Broadway Legendary Legend, the world's 41 most prestigious and successful professional theater is located in Theater District Manhattan, New York and has died at the age of 91.0p2: 00/3: 55 namtitan namtitan of Broadway Stephen Sondheim.The musical compositions and players of outstanding songs are honored as "Titan" and "Broadway's idol". "The mythical artist was admired by a well-acknowledgeable professional as a composer and author The most innovative song, the biggest and most important influence of modern Broadway history "- Internet" Broadway World "emphasizes in announcing the celebrity event for the temporary realm." New York Times "Evaluation, Music and Sondheim's songs have raised more than the surface of American musical art standards

.stephen Joshua Sondheim, her son Janet and Mr. Herbert Sondheim's family-based family-based Message on March 22, 1930 in New York. Baby Stephen grew up in Upper West Side, Manhattan, then at Pensylvania State Farm, where the Future Musician attended George School in Newtown
Games 1950, 20 years old Stephen Sondheim graduated from private liberal arts University Should Williams College in Williamstown, Massachusetts.Dam Me Music, Learn the Piano Musical Instrument, Sondheim wants to follow the musical song composition, but after more than 2 years of young children still can't find a good job. At the beginning of 1953, entered the age of 23 unemployed boys for the first leg to assist the comedy script, CBS TV channel and work here until the end of 1954. After a year of work at the TV channel, Sondheim found Oscar Hammerstein (born in 1895), big artist original Jewish Germany, one of the father of musicals, author 8 tony prizes, 2 Oscar the best original song category, please do school. Bringing the stream of Jewish blood, in a short time, Hammerstein is out of Hammerstein with the most precious professional secrets for Sondheim in bright, smarter than the same age. The main guidance of Hammerstein II, Sondheim has successfully resounded with the writing of the WEST SIDE STORY (1957) and Gypsy (1958). In 1962 Stephen Sondheim started its independent career (cooperation Fake script, composer and writing songs) by Funny Thig Happened On The Way to the Forum. The next work Anyone Can Whistle (1964), ended the failure - only maintained 9 performances. From Musical A Little Night Music, Sondheim collaborated with Harold Prince. In 1976, musicians and authors of the song Stephen Sondheim won the Grammy award, the song category of the year with the Send in the Clowns made by singer Judy Collins
Drama: Company (1971), Follies (1972), A Little Night Music (1973), Sweeney Todd (1979), Into The Woods (1988) and Passion (1994). 1991 Stephen Sondheim crowned the Oscar golden statue, the best song category Sooner or Later (Madonna shown) in the movie Dick Tracy (1990) and I'm Breathless. Especially, Musician Sondheim also owned a literary List Pulitzer for Sunday musical script script in the park with George.Nam in 2010 was awarded by US President Barack Obama by the same time the Henry Miller's Theater Theater of the Broadway system changed its name to Stepen Sondheim's. Theater has a strange love navigation. Celebrities do not reveal, themselves are gay, until the end of age 40.Lien 8 Spring in 1990s, Broadway idols living with famous Drama Peter Jones. In 2017, Stephen Sondheim Wedding " Husband ", stage stage Fellowship Jeffrey Scott Romley, younger than half a century (born 1980). The day they married, heard, the property of the "Bride" Sondheim was estimated at about $ 20 million, "the groom" - about 1-5 million USD. Happy couple in Manhattan and Roxbury in Connecticut until moments Stephen Sondheim permanently go far away.

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