Artist Vu Thanh: Pretend To Fall Towels To Familiar With His Wife Over 11 Years Old, At 42 Years But Not Married

'A week later, I pretended to drop the tissue to touch Lee Hai's feet. People hold their hands first, and I hold my feet '- actor Vu Thanh said. New here, the hundred-year love program has aired with the participation of actor Vu Thanh (62 years old) and his wife is singer Le Hai (73 years old). Both were married for 42 years and had a common child. At the show, actor Vu Thanh recounted the new days of familiar between the two: actor Vu Thanh and his wife over 11 years old "My wife is over to 11 Age

. I met my wife for the first time when I was 21 years old at Vung Tau. At that time, my wife went to sing in the tea rooms in Vung Tau and my delegation was just about that point. A supplementary female singer
My delegation went to ask Le Hai as a famous singer in Vung Tau so far so he was invited to support. The first time met, I just dared to sneak my wife, don't dare to look straight. I am afraid my wife will evaluate me and reject me. I know my wife gets a lot of flirt with many people so I don't go in. I just dare to stay outside the lemonade, my face for her wife . At first my wife didn't know who did, the next few days to know and the love between us started since then. First, I grasped my feet. Seeing his wife What reaction, slowly I switched to holding my fist and confessed. I said it: "You're honest, in a month I love you, I liked me". Say: "I went to the group carefree way, who didn't know who Vu Thanh was
By one day, I noticed that every afternoon I went to sing, I saw him waiting and looked at him. Gradually, I know this person is sympathetic to me. I see he is gentle so try to make you see. I didn't expect this to be the charm for us to come together. Need to gradually, I also like Vu Thanh, but don't dare to say it first because I'm a girl. When he confessed one, I nodded in agreement because I was to match myself too. "It was thoughtful to add:" We know each other about a month, so it is charming, but not together, but not Wedding anything. The deacho is now 42 years now, we still don't have any wedding together. This is because of that time we went on, there was no time at home to prepare to marry. We also go so there's no time to think about getting married. On how many places are available on Vietnam, we go all. But suffer, go to work so much without money, even though we are very miserable. That day goes to singing very difficult. At the same group, I have Mr. Nguyen Chanh Tin, Mr. Thanh Hoai, Huu Thanh, Jianglet. We have to go to sing with a coal car. There are times, we go from Saigon to Long Thanh and go to 5 hours without coming, every time the car goes to the slope you have to go down the car, there is no place to eat Sleep, have to sleep just below the stage. "

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