Artists Spreading Positive Energy For Loving Cities

Positive Energy Campaign for Loving Cities attracting more than 1,000 celebrities to attend social networks.0: 00/1: 40 South Vietnamese stories of Sao Viet to love the city as a way to spread Positive energy to the audience in the days of Ho Chi Minh City is straining against these days, Ho Chi Minh City is straining against epidemic. The city is not only the meat of those who are born and mature from here, but also love, the meaning of wrap and giving happiness to know how many new residents come to study, set up and search for similarities hybrid. Love, nonymous, regardless of the region has spread everywhere and gradually become the characteristic of Ho Chi Minh City.Duong Vu writes on facebook artists calling to spread positive energy throughout HCMC, Thousands of y - the doctor worked non-stop

. Tens of thousands of unions, young people, volunteers ..
day and night are ready for a difficult war. Thousands of businesses join hands to donate to support the budget and anti-epidemic. Everywhere in the city, countless kitchens, supermarkets 0 VND, free rice ATMs ... same millions of hearts of People throughout the country are willing to share together. The service attracts the audience when spreading throughout the social network "positive energy for the city to love" launched on social networks with more than 1,000 characters Famous in many areas. The project aims to spread positively and share love to Ho Chi Minh City to have more strength, perseverance and news together to overcome difficulties and victory of pandemic in the earliest time. encouraging, supporting the meaning of people's feelings to bring positive energy to the loving city being spread throughout social networks with sharing messages, meaningful images with

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