As I Opened The Door, I Saw The Bag Of Rice And Vegetables In Front Of The House, I Texted Thank You From The Neighbor But Lie Heart When You Know The Sender

I think the neighbor who wounded a mother a mother should buy it. Any doubt Thanks, she said she was not the owner of the map number.0: 00/1: 55nam Southern is a widow. My husband lost 3 years ago, leaving me with a 6-month elected belly. Before the birthday for a few days, my husband found an incurable disease

. In fact, when her husband is healthy, we are still hesitant. Until her husband was sick, I would intend to give birth. Although I knew hard hard, I still wanted to retain your blood drops in my life
As other families, when my daughter-in-law sacrifice like that, her husband must compensate. Yet after her son died, my mother-in-law changed the attitude. Featured funerals, how much do she media cigarged. Before I gave birth to a child, she passed her health. When I was over my husband, I discovered that she took 10 million money in the drawer. I called my mother in her husband and blamed her too greedy, in the end, the two mother and daughter said again, mother-in-law from my face, said Don't watch me as a baby strawberry. Then last year when I saw me standing in front of the gate, she also locked the gate and said it didn't want to look at my face. Read the message she was sent, my eyes spicy, left breasts suddenly tightened again. (Artwork) For years, we don't go back and forth. Every time the sick child had to stay in the hospital, I also shoulder myself
And her mother-in-law never asked a word, even though we lived with the neighborhood. This is waking up, just opening the door, I was unexpected in front of rice and food in front of the door. Thinking that neighbors have a heart sent to them, I texted thanks, she asks again: "Not you, my mother's mother sent it. This morning I woke up early, saw her putting it in front of the door and hurriedly ". Read the message of the neighbor sent, the corners of my eyes spicy, the left breasts suddenly tightened. My child was nearly 3 years old, for the first time, I was eating her grandmother. I myself also felt awkward, why suddenly she changed her attitude? Should I call my mother-in-law and actively heal you? Everyone gave me advice with. (Thanta ... @ according to the department (Vietnamese life rhythm)

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