As Yes Announcing Bankruptcy, His Wife Hugged His Son To Leave His Mother’s House, Two Days Later Turned Around, Bringing Me 2 Billion And The Saying Of Life

I always thought I gave my wife wrongly. Unexpectedly, she gave me a unexpected surprise.0: 00/2: 12 men and the boss of a privately doing private company, I always raised my head. Every month, I bring money to your wife, and she just stays at home, housewife, child care is enough. So I never respected my wife's words

. When my wife said, I all ran away or didn't listen. Once, I was grumpy, told her not to spread beside my ears and left. But after that, I was talking about the illness of the big son
My child is hospitalized, she takes care of himself, nor calling or informing me. Since then, she doesn't say much to me too, I asked just to say, not like a shadow in the house. It's on this month, my company started doing losses and debt. Last week, I decided to announce bankruptcy. That, I got home in a long-distance state, suffering so much to life. Seeing me back, my wife moved out, still mistaking like always. I sat still, after later saying: "The British company went bankrupt, he was debting more than 1 billion. If I want to divorce, I will sign it right away". day. She carried me away, the house was empty
Single divorce, I also signed available to the table. As long as she wants, I will pay it right about 2 days, my wife only meets one news: "I waited for me". Yesterday, she came back, just walked alone and dressed very well. There was no clothes at home but wearing a skirt, light makeup, looking very beautifully. I put my wife to show me a book that saves more than 2 billion. She said it was the money I brought back this year, she saved. Now she gave me all to solve the debt and retain the house. He hugged me in a sleazy, said: "I just hope to have a peaceful life. Each each other, respecting each other. Hope this bankruptcy will be a cushion for your husband to change your life according to your will. "The spoken wife made me choked. Unexpectedly, she forgives a bad husband like me. If there was no bankruptcy, I couldn't understand my wife's expectations. I regret it too. But what to compensate for the disadvantage for his wife when I have no career or money in hand? According to My Hanh / Fatherland newspaper

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