Aston Martin’s First ‘green’ Supercar

British supercar officially announced the performance of Supercar Hybrid Valhalla with many modern technologies, marking a new development of Aston Martin.theo The Verge, 2 years after Aston Martin launched the Am-RB 003 concept model Outstanding but not really excellent, the production version has finally arrived with a much simpler name: Valhalla.Aston Martin Valhalla is the first "green" supercar produced in 108 years of brand history England. Valhalla is a special hybrid hybrid motor vehicle, developed from the company's 7-year 2019 Concept am-RB in 2019. Aston Martin is taken over by the Canadian billionaire Lawrence Stroll, villain In fact since the 3rd season of the movie series Drive to Survive of Netflix

.valhalla using the new Phev transmission system, there are 2 electric motors combined with a dual turbocharged V8 4 liter capacity Place the middle. This is an advanced V8 engine, the fastest response and the highest performance ever equipped for an Aston Martin. Strong power to the rear wheel, the burning engine works with a pair of electric motor
Electric Motor has a capacity of total 201 horsepower and helps Valhalla has a total capacity of 937 horsepower and 1,000 nm torque. The motor and electric motor can operate at the same time at different levels, to provide the most optimal capacity. Axe has the ability to accelerate 0-100 km / h within 2.5 seconds and dark speed Multi-level 330 km / h.Valhalla uses 8-level dual-clutch automatic transmission developed and exclusively manufactured for Aston Martin's hybrid engine machines. The car equipped with electronic anti-slip differentiations in the rear axis and has an electric reverse mode by using only two electric motors. Cars mainly with carbon fiber keep everything light enough at 1,550 kg. With a typical aerodynamic design, the car can create a force of 600 kg to the road surface when moving at 241 km / h.Valhalla with a 4-liter V8 engine set between a combination of electric motor, total The rate of nearly 1,000 horsepower. Photo: Aston Martin
The driver can choose driving mode only using electricity. At that time the car's capacity is only concentrated in the previous bridge. In other driving regimes, the power of the vehicle will be allocated in both bridges. The car he has not announced the number of production and the selling price of this model. However, customers may have to spend about $ 800,000 and the delivery process takes place in 2023.Minh Duy

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