Astrazeneca Pharmaceutical Company Astrings To Produce Drug-based Rna Technology

On September 23, Astrazeneca PLC Pharmaceutical Company (England) signed an agreement with the company starting the Voxequity behind the Covid-19 Vaccine Trial Program of Royal London University, to develop and sell drugs Produced based on self-cloning RNA technology (Sarna) in the treatment of various different types of diseases.0: 00/1: 47 South Astrazeneca Pharmaceutical Firm in Macclesfield, England. Photo: AFP / TTXVNTheo agreement, Vaxequity company founded by the Robin Shattock Housing Robin Shattock, can receive up to 195 million USD if it meets important development standards. In addition, this company can receive royalties for licensed drugs used and invested through selling shares for Astrazeneca and Morningside Ventures. People in charge of Astrazeneca's research segment , Mene Pangalos said this collaboration with Vaxequity creates a new promising platform for its drug production

. Astrazeneca pharmaceutical activity has produced Covid-19 prevented vaccines according to the vector mechanism and focusing on potential However, Sarna technology brings in new healing programs, in addition to Covid-19.Vaccine based on Sarna technology that works similar to Vaccine using information RNA information (mRNA) by Pfizer / Biontech pharmaceutical company and Moderna produced. However, the vaccine is prepared based on Sarna that cannot decode the master cell instructions to create the protein of the SARS-COV-2 virus, but can create multiple versions of RNA containing these instructions
This means that the vaccine based on Sarna technology needs a fewer doses and is cheaper. According to the agreement, Astrazeneca has the right to choose to cooperate with Vacequity to produce 26 drugs for diseases other than Covid -19 like cancer and rare gene diseases. In the meantime, US firms are Gritstone and Arcturus are also developing Covid-19 prevention vaccine based on the most advanced Sarna technology today.Minh Chau (VNA)

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