At First Glancing At The Attacking Water Buffalo, When Looking Back, Startled With The Size Of The Newspaper!

The child is enough to knock down a water buffalo or not. Nala National Park, Sri Lanka, a large Maito newspaper discovered a wild water buffalo and decided to attack this prey. The forest buffalo is a very difficult prey 'but only the tiger can take down. Mai Mai attacks the water buffalo. Photo: Pinterst, but this big apricot leopard is easily attacked and defeated her victim in the blink of an eye, though, pulling the prey is not easy

. It will have to eat meat right underground and bury the excess meat to eat gradually. Yala National Park is the second largest national park and attract most tourists in Sri Lanka because there is a diverse animal. The apricot pounds here are Sri Lanka newspapers (Scientific name Panthera Pardus Kotiya)
Viewing Video: Leo Mai Mai Killing Buffalo Water Sunflowers / National Newspapers

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