At The End Of The Promotion, Blackpink And What Will Idols Do With Giant Warehouse?

K-pop bands need a lot of costumes for each comeback but then where will this show go? Especially what will Blackpink girls do with their expensive costumes? Every time a group or Idol group comeback, the audience not only cares about the song, dance but also noticed the shaping part. Idol dyed any hair color, shaping, the outfit is carefully looked at the same time and therefore, most entertainment companies accept money for artist's costumes.Blackpink cost a lot of money For medium performance costumes, each group or Idol when comeback will promote within a month. Every week, they will perform on 4 music programs and of course not wear duplicate dresses. This means that idols need at least 16 items to show them

. If they promote two songs at the same time as Rosé in the last solo debut, the outfit doubled. If they release a mini album or album, they need to add clothes to take a picture. Each comeback, Blackpink needs a lot of costumes of course the idols can reuse yourself to wear in the MV to bring up the stage but not all chief
Because there are items that wear themselves are very beautiful but cannot bring up stage and perform jubilantly dance. Therefore, in every comeback, Idol K-Pop needs to prepare a large war warehouse so that after the promotion is finished, it doesn't use it again. This show is not unchanged by the Balko, who needs to worry Performing for BTS, Blackpink revealed that no clothes were tired, even though each company has a different way of handling. Many entertainment companies will store them in the costume to reuse on a certain occasion, as if Idol organizes the concert. Also a company seeks to edit, revise the map to create new costumes. HANBOK This innovation is said to be blackpink used in concerts sometimes, the stylist or designer will buy back This show to sell to fans, even put into used items. But no matter what to do, the best thing is that this costume is never thrown away or wastefully. Lai Phong - Photo of the Internet

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