At The Side Of The Season I Only Understand How My Wife ‘3 Heads’

Thinking that the wife at home looks happy, idle but the days of social distance in the house with my wife, my wife is found to raise healthy children, clean houses, cooking delicious meals to work hard : 00/3: 47 nam and Quynh married when she was 27 years old and I just turned 30. Marriage finished we still rent a mini apartment 45m2 to stay in the capital with the wish for a few years to buy Get the house.2 years after the wedding day, my parents gave us a wide piece of land in the countryside. Capital with business, so I sell that land to take business capital. My business was in time to go up as kites in a wind

. Multiply the 4th year is the time when the son is nearly an age, we have bought a 90m2 apartment. Naughty boys, often sick So my wife was not assured to hire maids. So I encouraged her to take a break for staying at home to take care of her, and I went out to earn money
I wanted to be my wife who was agile, well rated at the agency but because she loved her husband so she should It also agrees with my plan. Every month I take a wife of 10 million VND to worry about eating and electricity, if you're missing, I will ask it, I will take more. From that, I under pressure to worry about the economy in my family, of course I have to go early at night but Wife also couldn't say it. I woke up from 6am to go to the gym and bathing there, then I went to breakfast, drinking coffee then 8h to the company. Afternoon after I went to go to the guest, the day Then go drinking with your friends, in general, I went home before 8am. It was not to mention the days I went on business, her mother and children at home caught each other. I sometimes spend time relaxing myself, when you buy some clothes or go massage without my wife. I think I have to make money to earn money, have the right to enjoy it. I am always a money holder for thinking for your wife, she is shopping for miscellaneous or bringing it back away. So I also shop shopping in the widespread items in the middle of the million or more
I don't let my wife too lack but I don't give her comfortably to think that in life if you are so happy I don't know the way to enjoy. 2 years ago she was at home to take care of her, just sent her child to study for a month, she was preparing a job application, suddenly the disease came, the whole city applied Expanding the social way, so I have to work at home. It was soon to see that the alarm bell I was yawning, I saw the wife and wise out something outside the living room. Strange, the house has anything where she gives up early, it is true that the body is done for life. A later, through the curtains saw a little bright, the boy cried in his mother to make me annoyant. At that time I saw my wife running into carrying my child, I grumbled saying my wife didn't sleep and getting up early what to do. My wife was scolded still smiling without saying anything. After she cleaned me, I called me to get breakfast. I don't have a breakfast at home for a long time, so I don't know how she daughter to eat, just listen to her to make sure to cook porridge, do noodle for your child to eat enough food. At 7:30, I went up Seeing his wife was putting their children, saw me smile to tell me to quickly eat breakfast. Looking at the hot bowl, filled with the beef on the dining table, I knew this morning wife get up early chicken stew, do noodle. After finishing the house processing food, washing clothes, clothes, cleaning toys for children and cooking lunches. After lunch, my father go to sleep, Quỳnh again washes the bowl, wipe the house. I said she was too clean, she just smiled and said that it was clean so that her son played for peace of mind. I fell woke up and saw Quynh who was kneading the dough, she said today making cakes and for boys Also let him experience him. The thing that she saw her turn on the dinner preparation. Just for a long time I thought my wife was idle, it was so faulty. If you don't have a solid post-respect for me to be peace of mind, I can't get out of the house from early morning and drink it to the dark until the new night. There are people at home with a wife to find women very well, always , Anything goes out. I decided to transfer all savings to my wife account and told her to keep hero.

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