Atletico Madrid Buys A Copa America Champion

Perhaps seeing his image in it, the captain of La Liga champion invited his fellow countrymen to Atletico Madrid.0: 00/1: 30 nam monitoring de Paul as the "caught dead" Neymar, "poking "Neymar, causing Neymar in inhibition in the Finals Copa America Argentina won Brazil Paul has just been invited by Mr. Thong Huong Argentina Diego Simeone to Atletico Madrid. De Paul from Udinese to Rojiblancos for 30 million euros

. The contract between De Paul and Atletico lasts 5 years (until 2026). Copa America finals, De Paul made Neymar .
. standing. Photo: GettyPhong how to play by Rodrigo de Paul is very tough, uncompromising, healthy and certain, simple but also the tricks. It was very similar to De Paul's new teacher and also played and also the lift philosophy of this Argentina strategist. In the finals of Copa America, De Paul was defined in defense and attacked very sharp in onions Lang right. De Paul also made Neymar not to do anything to be inhibited and stuck. It was the style that Diego Simeone Paul played very solid face, the attack was very smart. Photo: Gettyde Paul said: "My career has turned into a new page, playing for La Liga champion as my dream. I am very happy to have a chance to work with Coach Diego
I love football, it is a big part of my life, where I have a co-healer ".rogrigo de Paul, one of the most outstanding players in Copa America 2021 in the coat color enemy Argentina. Especially the final, he "disabled" completely Neymar. On the other hand, de Paul also has very good passes to create a huge mutation for teammates scoring.

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