Attack The Prison In The Night To Release Nearly 300 Prisoners

A Nigerian police officer and police officer were killed after the gunmen attacked an average security prison in Kogi state, releasing all prisoners in late night. Sunday late and the gunmen The strong weapon was raided into a Kabba prison, in Kogi, about 270 km southwest of Abuja, southwest. After exploding the belt fence, the gunmen fought with the guards that made a police officer and a soldier died, two other police have not been verified, the authorities said. The attack freed about 266 prisoners in a total of 294 people in the prison. Nigerian authorities also said that attackers have not yet been identified and did not show any engine for the raid

. This is the second largest attack on a prison in Nigeria this year. In April, the gunmen dropped about 1,800 prisoners in an attack on an Owerri prison. Nigeria and the position of Kabba prison (small photo)
Photo: REUTERCOME The police blamed a banned separatist movement, indigenous biafra (IPOB), because of the attack on the Kabba prison. This group is promoting the independence of Biafra, a part of the southeast of Nigeria has been divided into many states, however, Kogi (where a prison) is not part of that area. Kabba Prison is 224 detention were held before trial and 70 offenders were sentenced at the time the attack occurred, the prison management agency said. The Ministry of Home Affairs said there were 15 soldiers, 10 police and 10 armed guards on duty when gunmen attacked on Sunday.Nigeria is not strange with raids and armed violence with nests Firms, many of them are done by rebels of Muslim rebels in the northeast of the country, who often kidnaps young women and sometimes young children (according to RT)

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