Auction Record $ 15 Million For An Einstein’s Scientific Manuscript

Albert Einstein, a German physicist, known as the one who canceled most of his research projects.0: 00/3: 41 South ALBERT Einstein and a auction manuscript page 15 Million USD.15 million USD for a scientific manuscript of November 23, a long manuscript of 54 pages written by Albert Einstein and Swiss Engineer Michele Besso has been auctioned at a price of 13.3 million euros. (equivalent to US $ 15 million) including paid taxes

. Long handwriting materials 54 This page outlines the calculations leading to Einstein's general relativity theory of Christie's auction house, where the auction is organized, the manuscript has set a new record for scientific documents with text The most expensive sign was sold. The identity of the buyer has not been disclosed, whether Christie's notes that the auction has attracted the interest of buyers around the world. This draft is written by Einstein and Besso during the period from June 1913 By the beginning of 1914, when two people checked the last equations, the foundation for Einstein's general relativity
According to Christie's, 26 pages of the manuscript written by Einstein, 24 pages written by Besso and three pages written together By two people. Many pages also have on the sidelines, including "Stimmt!" (German means "it works!") Be written by Einstein next to one of his equations. Christie auctions noted that this manuscript is very special because of its rarity, because Einstein Rarely keep the manuscript of your own text and letters. Meanwhile, Besso kept most of his work with Einstein for posterity. Thanks to Besso, this manuscript is one of the remaining two drafts that show the foundation for the introduction of general relativity. This is the most expensive scientific draft in the world in general and Einstein in particular. In May 2021, an Einstein letter sent to an opponent physicist, including his famous E = MC2 equation, was auctioned for $ 1.2 million. In 2017, two short notes that Einstein wrote the boy to take a letter at the hotel in Tokyo, including a note that described his happiness "recipe", was sold for $ 1.5 million
The calculations lead to Einsteintheo theory of Christie auction house, the famous German physicist Albert Einstein wrote this manuscript with Swiss Engineer Michele Besso, in Zurich, from June 1913 to the beginning of the year 1914. Although this is not the last draft, the Einstein-Besso manuscript shows the test process and tolerances in calculations. When the equations on the relativity of rotary movements are proven to be true, Einstein is excited in the margin of one of the pages, "Stimmt!" (German means "it works!") Although the document has errors, but in the end it has led to Einstein's general relativity, which says that gravity is not a force to happen Ra between objects in space that is a deformation of space geometry and time. This theory was finally announced by Einstein in 1915, about a year after the general einstein-Besso manuscript. Earlier, in 1905, Einstein announced the same special theory.Theo Christie's, in this auction manuscript has some slash or tear off parts and pagoda sites. Thus, after more than a century, Einstein's relativity is still the right equation to describe any fascinating phenomena, especially in universe research, black holes, attractive waves ... today. Einstein and Besso met at a concert when they were both students at the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in Zurich, where Einstein studied physics and Besso technical research. After that, two people became each other's long friends. Besso describes their cooperation as a combination of eagle (Einstein) and sparrows (Besso) and sparrows can fly higher under the wing of Eagle.Albert Einstein has won the Nobel Prize in Physics in 1921. Thuutheo Live Science, ABC News

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