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Going to the appointment, when the sun has spread the space of space, the weather is in the same area, people all over the region are remembering 'Family of Le Lai, hitting two Le Loi, three deadeners' oils' ... and the journey Back to Lam Kinh - 'The Great Word' of the King of Hau Le still started like that. However, due to the influence of the Covid-19 pandemic, another Lam Kinh festive season cannot take place under normal

. But not so we forget the 'source' ..
Lam Kinh plays the role of the "spiritual capital" of the King of Hau Le.The lunar-born, but in the ocean seemingly special than. Isolated in the sacred space of the relic area, we heard like an assistance from the past, history and stories about the fighting journey, built a tide. More than 600 years ago, witnessing the failure Vi cannot be saved by the Tran dynasty, Ho Quy Ly with the desire to reform the throne to the lake house. Unfortunately, his actions were not supported by the people, so the efforts to reform finally did not bring many changes to the current country's love at the time. Northern people with ambitious expansion Ever acquired from the mind, taking advantage of Vietnam's political lace puppets, the smart house at that time took troops to the south land, causing a devastating and bloody invasion. Their crimes were defined in Nguyen Trai Cong Thong Nguyen Trai recorded in the Representative Worn Pitcher: "Grilled the Black People on the Flame Flame / Rouge in the tunnel" ... People on the ceremony before Tomb of King Le Thai To In Lam Kinh area (photo taken before February-2020) in that context, where Lam Son, Thanh Thanh, Lao Loi with gas, mind and range has recovered Manh Tam, Hao Kiet four ON VILLAGESTIONS
From "Gathering Lung Nhai", Khoi Nghia Lam Son anti-invasion has officially takes place with many gems, challenges, sometimes it is not possible to overcome. But old now Always win non-violin, 10 years of "tasting honey" has closed with "Dongguan vow", the country clear the ball of foreign invaders, the Vietnamese people are completely independent. In the sacred space Now, we remember about a Lam Son uprising that marks history. is the agreement of the generals on the bottom as one, ready to dedicate, sacrifice themselves because of the greatness, for independent desire written Up.Ta remembered a default of Le Lai Spirit of Lang Chuyen Lai, he saved himself in a danger situation. Those were the early days when Binh Dinh Vuong Le Loi built the revolt flag, the generals lacked. Once was besieged by the enemy, locked the weak place, extremely dangerous. At that time, General Le Loi asked the Prime Minister: "Who dares to change the shirt, replacing us to bring the troops to beat ourselves, confess our brand, imitating like the Han Tin, so that we can hide the soldiers, Gather the Prince, introduce the uprising later. " Hearing that, Le Lai affirmed: "I go, later to get the water, please think about my merits ... Now this danger situation, if the land holder is dangerous, my king is evenly Destroyed, fear will be useless. If this follows and may exit. The medians die because of any water, ". (According to the documentation of the Vietnam National Museum of History) or a "oil shop" is still reminded by the folk. Leaving, to prepare for Khoi Nghia Lam Son, Le Loi chose the high mountain in Lam Son land at the end of the day to burn the torch light to recruit exhaustion, soldiers, training constantly, so Need a lot of oil. Knowing this, the enemy is locked, killing all the people who doubt the supply of oil supplies to the amount of soldiers. However, there is still a woman who passes around, often bringing oil to the mountain ... no one knows her their name, so it usually calls "oil goods". During a "unfortunately" oil-catching oil, despite being investigated but it was absolutely not declared, so killed. Knowing, extremely moving, Le Loi's master sent the submarine to bring the "oil shop" to Lam Son mountain buried. Since then, Lam Son Mountain is also known as Mountain Oil. So is, before the death anniversary of Le Thai To's death anniversary, is the day of the "death anniversary" Le Lai, and then "death anniversary" oil. . They are people named and unnamed, contributed and sacrificed for the war to win national independence. The people are always grateful, the post-tribute will be remembered. Blessed LAM SON WORKING, in 1428 Binh Dinh Vuong Le Loi to the throne of the King of Hau Le, taking the year of Thuan Thien, putting the capital in the land Long, the name of Dai Viet country. And Lam Kinh is known as "basic land of Dai Viet Le" .Cong with the main tide surface, construction of the water after invaded painting, patting the mind, the king Le Thai Tổ has never been Forget the soilland of Lam Son. A Lam Son Soil on Lam Son has been step by step to be revered to be revered to the Fairy, along with the calculation for the post-posts later.Lam is also a resting place of kings, Thai Hoang, Miss Time Hau Le (Photo taken before February-2020) Lam Kinh acting as a "spiritual capital" of Hau Le house, where worship

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