August Revolutionary Memories In Quang Ninh Mines -With the overwhelming air of the revolution, the government at Hon Gai belongs to Viet Minh without a gunfire, not a drop of blood: 00/4: 35 South regions More than 3/4 century Through, the memories of the August Revolution are always intact in the minds of those who are fortunate to witness the historical moment. VOV reporter had a meeting with some witnesses honored to live, fight and participate in governments in Quang Ninh mines in August 1945 ..

.. Mr. Vu Du, former director of coal cam Pha, now nearly 90 years old refunds when it comes to historical dates 76 years ago
Before the August Revolution, the whole mines were submerged under the brutal rule of the French colonialism, then hunger spreads when the fascist grands the rice rice, who died many sons ... Mr. Phung Ngoc Hung ( Right) And Mr. Vu is now nearly 90 years old still with activities in the Inter-provincial Resistance Reporter Board of Quang - Hong - Hai, reviewing the heroic days from the August RevolutionAll Hun Hun casting patriots and spikes Foreign enemies of a daire boy, was less than 13 years old: "Eyes see mine owners suppressing workers, capturing prisoners of people involved in revolutionary activities very savage. So I was Enlightened from what teachers at that time taught, he referred to Uncle Ho, a friendly person, a heart of a person because of the people ... "from Hon Gai and Cam Pha mine to Dong Trieu, Quang Yen, movement Struggles gradually spread under the influence of Viet Minh
In April 1945, implementing the Party's guidelines, Nguyen Binh - the latter who was the first of the first General General of the Vietnam People's Army, was sent to build a basis, unifying the teams at Dong Trieu region. Emergent miners, farmers, and the soldiers in the enemy's booths gradually reclining their revolution, actively trained and built forces preparing for uprising. On June 8, 1945, the sound of gunfire exploded, Khoi Khoi Nghia Khoai Khoai Khoi Chi Linh, Tang Bach and forced Japanese rumors in the surrender ... on the afternoon of June 8 / 1945, in a large rally held at Hoan Lao village, Dong Trieu war (also named Tran Hung Dao or Fourth Zone War) officially announced its establishment, the revolutionary military committee launched People. From the battlefield, the revolutionary force radiated from localities and leaders to struggle, quickly bringing the movement to develop the whole northern coastal region. By mid-July 1945, when our force was strong enough, the Military Committee of the War of the decision to win the government in the provincial town of Quang Yen (the entire area in the West Quang Ninh today) ... Mr. Pham Cong Thanh, a member of Thanh Nien saved at that time still remembered as printed on July 20, 1945, when the two Military Military coordinated with the spot force attacked straight into the head of the head, forced the enemy to surrender Sue, Quang Yen became the first provincial capital to be released during the pre-uprising period: "The governor handed over the document, ordered the bases of the green queue soldiers to surrender and hand over the government for Viet Minh . At that time, we were assured, gave a self-defense to pull their talented flags down, pull his red star's red flag. Our youth teams went to propaganda for the neighbors: Viet Minh about Giai Phong Quang Yen, Liberation for people and people is peace of mind to open the door, sales, normal activities. The people are extremely excited. "Win the government in the August Revolution at Hon Gai mine (Painting at Quang Ninh Museum) to August 1945, under the leadership of the Viet Minh Front, workers and people of Quang Ninh ethnic groups jubilantly standing up to the government. After allied allied, the rally took place in Uong Bi, Quang Yen, established the People's Committee of Interimsical Revolution. The Colonel Phung Ngoc Hung, at that time was just a teenager in the area Hon Gai Mine has actively actively with a large worker, teenagers who secretly rob the government with only code, hoe shovel, even lime bottles of powder and pieces ... Situation in Hon Gai and Cam Pha More complicated when Vietnamese components are overflowing from Hai Ninh (Eastern Quang Ninh today), out of propaganda to pull the masses. On August 24, at the big rally held in Hon Gai, 2 sides of Viet Minh and Viet Way to appoint people to speak, mobilize people. "The rally was held at the stadium. I see pull 2 Flags, At that time, he represents the Viet Minh said "The revolutionary has robbed the government," then sang the anthem, singing the song to vibrate our hearts. Lyrics It's never forgotten now. Everyone heads about Viet Minh. " - Colonel Phung Ngoc Hung recounted. The first red star gold flies in Quang Yen after the release of July 20, 1945. Photo Museum of Quang Ninh Museum Thousand people raise the Red Flag Red Star marching through the streets. With the overwhelming air of the revolution, the government at Hon Gai belongs to Viet Minh without a gunfire, not a drop of blood. Soon after, a platoon released the troops and delegation of Viet Minh officials to release

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