Aurprising The Giant Hydro Monsters Of Vietnamese Fishermen

Vietnamese fishermen have several times of loss and surprise when caught the aquatic monsters with the size of 'terrible', rarely like black carp 71kg, shy fish, moon fish ... with extremely large value . On June 5, 2018, on the money river in Dong Thap province, a citizen caught the water monster was a terrible river fishman weighing over 100kg

. This is the largest caught caught fish on the Tien River ever. Photo: Workers. It is a large-weighted freshwater brain, with a length of more than 2
2 m, 1.1 m belly. Tombs weighing about 110 kilograms are extremely rare, because the common weight of the cavalry from 2-10 kg, less weighs from 20 kg or more. Photo: Laborers on August 5, 2018, Mr. Huynh Van Nam (28 years old, residing in Cam Thang hamlet, Cam Giang commune, Go Dau district) Catching a gaps with a weight of nearly 30 kg on Vam Co Dong River. Photo: Legal life. This is a fish species. Mr. Nam said, the family lives with a multi-life fishing in Vam Co Dong River, but this is the first time he caught this fish. Source: News
In 6/2018, he raised the year, a fisherman fishing on the river flowing near Lake Clay Ba (Phan Thanh, Luc Yen, Yen Bai commune) to catch a "terrible" black carp. . Photo: Tien Phong. Fish weighing 71.5 kg. Because the fish is too big, he must use his best to get it on the boat and move it to the shore. Photo: N.Đ / Tien Phong.Well on the morning of August 23, 2014, Mr. Nguyen Minh Vuong, in Xom Dai Bac, Quynh Luu district to salvage the rare moon fish weighing more than 5 quintals, length of 2.8m, The width of the fins is 2.5m to shore. Photo: New news. Vuong said, for the first time he and crew members saw such a big moon fish. This fish has been conducted by crew members to contact the donation to Vietnam Museum of Nature, serving display and research. Photo: New News. On November 13, 2014, Mr. Vo Van Giang (Dong Thap) and neighbors caught the "terrible" oil tra pane weighing 135kg, longer than 1m long. Pangasius is a typical fish species living in the downstream of the Mekong River. This fish is named in the Red Book, at risk of extinction in the natural environment. Photo: New news. On December 6, 2014, a 1.8 m long shy brained, weighing nearly 130 kg of fishermen Nguyen Thanh Loc (50 years old) and son Nguyen Van Minh (27 years old) residing in Mang Thit district , Vinh Long province caught on the neck of her fried. Photo: New news.Calies of them carp, delicious meat, large size should be exploited strongly and become rare. People living next to Me Kong River occasionally caught the fish. Photo: New news. Huge crutches, shaped like fighters are captured on November 29, 2011 at Ly Son Island, Quang Ngai. Photo: VTC. Early in 2018, a fisherman in Hong Ngu district (Dong Thap) caught the freshwater rays weighing more than 220kg. When placed on the shore, the stingray is still alive and is dedicated in the city. Cao Lanh bought for more than VND 60 million. Photo: VTC. February 2014, a member of Hai Van Fishing Club (Da Nang City) sentenced by a 4.2 m "terrible" paddle fish, weighing 29.6 kg in the area Chan May Bay. Photo: New news. You can watch videos: Top 10 longest animals of the earth. Source: Yan News. Dung Dung (T.H)

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