Australia ‘alarm’ Before The Appearance Of Chinese Spy Ship

Australia has confirmed information about a Chinese spyboard off off the country, causing many officials in Canberra to criticize. A Chinese monitoring ship operates on the East China Sea (Photo: Reuters) Prime Minister Australia Scott Morrison confirmed that a Chinese spy train approached his country during the period from August to September. On November 26, he said the appearance of this ship Show "very serious situation" in the Indian-Pacific region, but more that Beijing does not violate any maritime law. "I think the presence of the Chinese Navy - which we have Know, and they are watching them closely, we also watch them close to them - and the importance of that for Australians that the situation in India-Pacific is very serious "- Mr. Morrison said With reporters

. "They have the right to be in that position. I know they are there. They are in accordance with international maritime laws
But I don't think they don't watch them closely, because we are also watching them closely "- he added. Morrison added, he hopes Beijing will create similar conditions when Australia has shipped Through the disputed areas on the East Sea.Daily Telegraph is the first newspaper to report on the appearance of Chinese spying ships, which says that this ship has been around around Australia's coastline in about 3 Weeks, in mid-August and September this year. Australian Defense Secretary Peter Dutton also confirmed the above information, told the media on November 26 that this ship was outside Australia's waters and not violate the law. But then he added that the deployment of this ship is "alarming", saying it goes against Beijing's words on promoting peace and security in the Asia-Pacific region. The quite stressful comments about the spying ship are given in the context of hostility between China and Australia is at a high level, in which Canberra is considering about boycotting winter Olympics in Beijing year Come - Although many officials are said to be waiting for the US decision.

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