Australia ‘alarm’ Before The Appearance Of Chinese Surveillance Ships

Australia recently confirmed information about China's maritime ships appeared off the water. Canberra thinks this is a 'alarming' action even if Beijing has the right to operate in the international waters. A Chinese maritime ship. Photo: RT RT (Russia) lead Prime Minister Scott Morrison on November 26 said that a Chinese maritime ship was present near the Australian coast this year. According to Prime Minister Scott Morrison, this ship shows "serious situation" in the Indian-Pacific region even if China does not violate the maritime law in this process

. Morrison leader simultaneously share with Reporters that he expects China to act similarly Australia if the country's ship passes through the East Sea. Wait Daily Telegraph is the first information channel to report on the appearance of Chinese maritime surveillance ships off off Australia During the 3-week period in mid-August and September. Australia's defense minister Peter Dutton on November 26, confirmed with the media that China's maritime maritime ships were only off Australia and did not violate the law
But he also rated this move as "alarming" and not in accordance with Beijing's statement on promoting peace and security in the Asia-Pacific region. Sewing from level leaders Australia is related to China's maritime vessels took place at the time of rising confrontation between Canberra and Beijing. There are even information Canberra considers to boycott the Olympic Olympic Olympic Olympic Games in Beijing in Beijing. He and the United States will support Australia owning nuclear energy submarines. At that time, China criticized Aukus as a threat to stabilizing the area. Linh / News News

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