Australia Army To Solomon Islands Prevents Chinese-related Violence

Police, soldiers and Australian diplomats are sent to the Solomon Islands to suppress violent romance related to this island's relationship with China.0: 00/2: 15 namtheo RT , Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison on November 25, said a team of 75 federal police, 43 soldiers and at least five diplomats on their way to the Solomon Islands "to bring stability and security "And help local authorities protect important infrastructure. Their mission is expected to last a few weeks and take place in the context of increasing instability with demonstrations related to many problems domestic. These protests are probably mainly related to the Solomon government decision in 2019 to cut off diplomatic relations with Taiwan to establish a state assigned to China. The protesters gathered at a scene close to the capital Honiara

. Photo: Rttuy, Mr. Morrison affirmed that the Australian government does not intend to interfere with the internal work of the Solomon Islands "in any way". He also added that the deployment "does not show any position on the internal issues" of the neighboring country
36 hours after a large protest in the capital Honiara, where those who went down the road asked him to resign. There was a time when the protester even tried to rush into the Parliament building and then burned a hut right next to the legislature. The store and other buildings in the Chinatown of Honiara were also looted And burning violently despite the blockade orders. Then 26-11, when Australia's employees arrived, Sogavare Prime Minister said that the rally broke out was impacted by the countries outside, but refused to speak ABC, ABC Radio, Malaita Provincial Governor - Mr. Daniel Suidani is the one who opposes the government's decision to cut off diplomatic relations with Taiwan and observers saying this province still maintains a relationship Certainly with this island. Last month ago, Seromon's first Prime Minister Peter Kenilorea Jr, son of Solomon's first prime minister, warned Beijing's influence on the national policy of the island and forecast The disagreements related to this issue can lead to violence. The Chinese Ministry of Foreign Affairs spokesman is constant in the press conference on November 25 Expressing serious concerns about attacks on citizens and organizations of China in the Solomon Island Nation, and calling on this Island Government has the necessary measures to protect Chinese citizens.

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