Australia Is The Second Country After He Owns The Us ‘war Messenger’ Tomahawk Of The Us

Dubbed the 'War Messenger', the BGM-109 Tomahawk cruise missiles are considered the most powerful weapons of America. After the century nuclear submarine agreement with the US and Britain, Australia will be the second country after he possesses this scary weapon line.Tomahawk is the type of rocket journey with many variations, capable of carrying warheads Nuclear, launched from ground combination systems, battleships or submarines on the sea. Familens are shot from the launch with a medical monolithic module that contains zippots, after reaching the necessary module acceleration The preliminary is separated, the mini jet engine works and pushes the bullet according to its journey.Tomahawk is also a standard weapon on his attack atomic submarine and the US

. Show the latest variation equipped with nuclear nuclear submarines with RGM / UGM-109E Tomahawk.Tomahawk is a long-range cruise missile, capable of surviving high, low flying so it is difficult to detect Radar. The main equipment inside includes: navigation systems, attack modules (warheads), steering systems, fuel compartments and jet engines
Familens weighing 1.3 tons, length 5.56m, wingspan 2.6m, 0.52m diameter. Missile shot from 1,300km to 2,500km depending on the variation. The latest version equipped on the submarine reaches a range of 1,600 km. The power of Tomahawk missiles is located at a 450kg bullet, which is 450kg. The version is equipped with a strong explosive, Tomahawk warhead can also carry Blu bomb -97 / B to destroy the tanks, or armor.When needed, Tomahawk can carry a w80 nuclear warhead with an explosion of 200kt
Tomahawk Familens use Williams International F107 Reactor. -WR-402 uses TH-Dimer fuel. Speed of Rocket 880km / h. Tomahawk Familens uses GPS led mechanism (from TLAM Block III), TERCOM, DSMAC.Where are considered war messengers, Tomahawk missiles are always used in the blow Attack on his head. hissing when flying of this type of missiles has become the obsession of the forces that are attacked by them.Tomahawk is also the type of army of the most experienced attack on the world, They began trading in the Gulf War in 1991. Since then, they are involved in many conflicts with American participation. High precision, big power, Tomahawk cruise missiles still is one of America's most effective attack weapons.

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