Australia Left The Ability To Bring The Troops Back To Afghanistan

Australia to open the ability to bring the army back to Afghanistan before the increasingly complex security developments here, according to ABC NEWS.0: 00/1: 13 nam south of a month after Australia withdrawing the entire troops from Afghanistan and closed The Embassy's door here, the spokesman of the Foreign Minister Marise Payne said, "Australia's diplomatic agreement in Afghanistan is only temporary and the long-term presence can be resumed when the circumstances allow" Afghan President Ashraf Ghani met Australian Foreign Minister Marise Payne in early July 2021. Source: Twitter Spokesman of the Foreign Minister Marise Payne affirmed Australia "continue to work closely with partners, including the Afghan Government and alliance member countries" .Theo newspapers ABC News, though now Australia has not planned to bring the troops back to Afghanistan, but the statement shows that it does not rule out this ability in the future. The father was given in the context of the Taliban controlled about half of 421 Afghan County when the United States pulled away from South Asia

. Even some Afghan soldiers also dug and join the Taliban force. This trouble is threatening to destroy the effort to create peace in Afghanistan that the coalition forces carried out during the past 20 years. Public opinion Concerned by the end of the year, the Taliban force accounted for controlling the capital of Kabul and when Afghanistan could become the land of extreme forces
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